This stele was discovered in January 1992 in a Tang tomb excavated at the Yanshi County Phosphate Fertilizer Factory expansion and reconstruction site at the foot of Mang Mountain in Luoyang City, Henan Province. The epitaph is made of bluestone, covered, nearly square, and the upper right corner is missing. 55 in width and 53 cm in length. Zhiwen regular script, with 21 lines in total and 21 characters in the full line, totaling 430 characters. This stele was written only one year apart from "The Story of Langguan's Stone Pillars". Although it is not as rich and thick as "The Story of Langguan's Stone Pillars", the characters are square in shape and the atmosphere is similar. It should also be written by Zhang Xu.

"Yan Ren's Epitaph" in regular script, written by Zhang Xu of the Tang Dynasty