Mi Fu's "Lai Xi Tie", one of the nine written slips, paper, cursive script, length 25.5 cm, width 43.6 cm
Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

Masked and ordered to Zhegan, he was given the following instructions. (Added below: Afraid of being busy with work, I asked Ding to take care of it)
Monk Zhengbao in front of the West Temple in Cheung Chau County
Master Yue collected two frames of deep landscapes in Zhaiyuan. The previous scholar in the second frame crossed
The horse was sold for 5,000 yuan, but only 3,000 yuan was left. back
I bought Noble for 5,000 yuan a month. If you wish
After dropping out, the yuan increased by thousands to buy.
Dingcheng, southwest of Suzhou Yaqian
Wu (side note: it is the grace of Jin Gong's portrait) family scholar (two lines below: the prime minister's grandson), Xin from Beijing
When the teacher came out, there was a piece of paper with cursive writing, yellow paper and jade
Axis, there are several small real character notes on the path,
Don't know. There is a play at the end of the grass character (double line: two characters). He wants fifteen thousand, but he only wants ten thousand.
Then it failed. Now I know it is like fifteen thousand
If you are willing, tell me to buy it, and you might as well add another three or two thousand.