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Huang Tingjian's Cursive Scroll of Li Bai's Recalls of His Old Travels. Paper, 37 cm long and 392.5 cm wide. Written around the third year of Chongning (1104).
Collection of Neighbors Museum of Fujii Saisei House, Kyoto, Japan

This is the cursive scroll of Huang Tingjian's "Li Bai recalled his old travels and sent orders to Qiaojun Yuan to join the army". According to the Ming Dynasty calligrapher and painter Shen Zhou, this volume was written by Huang Tingjian after he was demoted to central Guizhou during the Shaosheng period (1094-1098 AD). It is his masterpiece of cursive script in his later years. As Shen Zhou said in the postscript of the volume of poems: "The calligraphy of the Valley was greatly accomplished in Zangzhen (Huaisu) Samadhi in his later years. His writing power was trance-like and trance-like. He was called the 'Cao Sheng'." Huang Tingjian's cursive calligraphy art at this time It has reached the point of perfection. Zhu Yunming commented on this post and said: "This scroll is full of truth, and it almost has the magic of seizing the fetus." The calligraphy of this poem is highly praised by Zhang Xu and Huai Su's cursive script for its flying and free charm, but it also has its own style. The pen is tight and steep, thin and vigorous, vigorous and powerful, and the structure is changeable. It is the representative work of Huang Tingjian's cursive calligraphy.

(Recalling the past, Dong Chaoqiu, Luoyang, built a restaurant for Yu Tianjin in the south of the bridge. He bought songs and laughed with gold and white jade, and he was drunk for a long time. The nobles and guests from Qingyun in the sea will never go against the king's heart. There will be no difficulty in traveling from mountain to sea. I love you and have no regrets. I climb cinnamon branches towards Huainan, while you stay in Luobei and worry about your dreams. I can’t bear to say goodbye, but I still stay with you. Follow each other)
I visited the fairy city from afar, and the thirty-six meanders of water came back. A stream begins to bloom with thousands of flowers, and the sound of wind and pines disappears in thousands of valleys. The Silver Saddle and Golden Luo reached the plains, and the governor of Eastern Han Dynasty came to greet them.
Master Ziyang invited me to play Yusheng. There is fairy music in the dining room, which is noisy like the singing of luan and phoenix. The sleeves are long and the pipes are used to urge people to move lightly, and the Hanzhong prefect is drunk and dancing.
Holding a brocade robe and covering my body, I lay drunk on his buttocks. When the feast songs are blown up to the sky, the stars are separated from the rain and never end, flying away from the mountains and rivers of Chuguan.
I have returned to the mountains to find my old nest, and you have also returned home to cross the Wei Bridge. The Yanjun of the Jun family is brave and brave, and acts as a Yin and binds the state to contain the soldiers and captives.
In May, the phase of the month calls Ling Taihang, which destroys the wheel but does not reveal the pain in the sheep's intestines. It has been many years since I came to Beijing, and I feel that your righteousness is as precious as gold. The sapphire cup and beautiful food on the table made me drunk and full, with no desire to return.
From time to time, when you go out to the west of the city, the flowing water of Jin Temple is like jasper. The floating boat floats in the water, the flute and drum sound, and the microwave dragon scales and sedges are green. When Xinglai comes, he and his prostitutes pass by, looking like poplars and snow.
If you want to be drunk with red makeup, you should set the sun, and write Cui'e in the clear pond with a hundred feet. Cui'e and Chanjuan are shining in the early moonlight, and the beauties are singing and dancing in their robes. The breeze blows the songs into the sky, and the songs fly around the clouds.
At this time, it is difficult to find pleasure again, so the journey to the west is dedicated to Yang Fu. The blue clouds at the North Tower cannot be expected, and the white heads at the East Mountain will return. I met you at the south end of Wei Bridge, but I was away from the crowd at the north of Futai.
I don't know how much I know, the flowers are falling and the spring and evening are full of disputes. The heart cannot be exhausted, nor can the emotion be extreme. Hu'er long knelt down and silently said these words, sending them to you to remember me thousands of miles away.