On May 7th, the long history of the Western Regions in Haitou, [Guan Nei]
Hou Libotun nodded. Don't
I will never let go of my heart, and now I have sent an envoy from Taiwan to the west.
I arrived here (Haitou) on the second day. I didn’t know any news about the king. I wanted to go to the country.
In peace, the king's envoy returned to Luo and captured Luo from the north.
Zhong and Yan Shen were involved in the incident, so I thought it was time to arrive.
Now I am sending my envoy Fu Da to hear about it.
I know the news, but I don’t know the book well. Liberton's first meal

On May 7th, the long history of the Western Regions and the Marquis of Guannei
Burton nodded for the first time. I don’t know how to ask for a long time. I often
I have thoughts and I don’t know how to care about each other
Then forget it. When the imperial edict was sent,
Come to comfort the nations. Coming on the 2nd of this month
Haitou, the unknown king asked, Yiyi! Hot day,
I want the kingdom to be at peace. Wang Envoy
□□ all went out together, and fought with them from the northern captives.
I'm very concerned about what's going on and I don't know where I'm going. now
Send the envoy Fu Da to convey the news.
The book is not satisfactory. Liberton
The first pause.

  "Li Bai Documents" is the only document relic of an important person in the Qianliang Dynasty that has historical records to prove. Li Bai was the long history of the Western Regions in the Qianliang Dynasty. The document was given by Li Bai to King Yanqi and others from the shore of Luobu Nur Lake in Haitou in 328 AD. The drafts of letters sent by several kings are the most concentrated and richest document materials among the Qianliang bamboo slips. In February 1909 AD, the document was stolen from the Loulan site in Lop Nur, Xinjiang by the Japanese Tachibana Ruichao. There are two papers in total. The calligraphy of the document has the strokes of official script, but it has revealed the style of running script popular in the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Therefore, the unearthed documents are of high reference value for studying the history of the development of running script.