Suo Jing's "Gao Tao Tie", Song Tuo's "Chunhua Pavilion Tie" Volume 3
Rubbings on ink paper, length 25.2cm, width 13.1cm (half-open)

Explanation of "Gao Tao Tie": Zai. Stop the demons and don’t complain about the disasters. If Gao Tao is a scholar, he will be punished with a rope. According to the number of the city, they will be cut and killed. Shameful and unruly, contrary to expectations. If you stop fighting, you will recover. The drums and drums are everywhere, and love is said to Yu Yu. Use the harp and harp to chant and sing your destiny. The birds are flying and the beasts are singing and dancing. The sound obscures the beautiful city, and it flies away as it moves. The pulse soil is a pious farmer, and Ji abandoned his palm.