"Shangyu Tie" in cursive script, a Tang Dynasty copy, now in the Shanghai Museum. Hard yellow paper, length 23.5 cm, yellow 26 paper

This is a Tang copy. Across the water in front is a moon-white silk scroll signed by Zhao Jishou, the Emperor Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty. There are "Jixianyuan Yushu Seal" half seal and "Nei Tong Seal" in the Southern Tang Dynasty, "Zhenghe", "Xuanhe", Shuanglong, "Neifu Shuzhi Seal", "Zheng", "He" and "Xuanhe" in the Northern Song Dynasty. "" and "Lianzhu" and other Zhuwen appraisal marks. It has been collected by the Imperial Household of the Southern Tang Dynasty, the Imperial Household of Xuanhe of the Northern Song Dynasty, the Prince's Palace of the Ming and Jin Dynasties, Han Fengxi, and Qingbiao of the Qing Dynasty and Liang Dynasties.


Explanation: After getting the book, I asked about my abdominal pain at night.
  I can't bear to see you and I hate you so much that I want to come back.
  Today is the day when I have repaired my age.
  Yu Yue is not supposed to go to Chong Xi Dan
  Bianxi and farewell cannot be said and do not know
  What did An think before the trial?
  Very heartbreaking