"Seventeen Posts" is a famous representative work of Wang Xizhi's cursive script. It is named after the word "Seventeen" at the beginning of the volume. The original calligraphy was lost long ago, and the "Seventeen Tie" handed down to us today is the engraving. Zhang Yanyuan of the Tang Dynasty recorded the situation of the original ink ink in the "Seventeen Tie" in his "Book of Dharma": "The "Seventeen Tie" is one foot and two feet long, which is the Zhenguan Zhongnei version, with one hundred seven lines and nine hundred and forty-three characters. This is Xuanhe's famous calligraphy. Emperor Taizong purchased the two kings' books, and the king's book contained three thousand pieces of paper. He made a roll of one foot and two feet, and took the handwriting and words of the two kings to form a scroll."

  This post is a set of letters. According to research, it was written to his friend Zhou Fu, the governor of Yizhou. It was written over a period of fourteen years from the third year of Yonghe to the fifth year of Shengping (AD 347-361). It is an important material for studying Wang Xizhi's life and the development of calligraphy. Bao Shichen, a native of the Qing Dynasty, has an article called "Seventeen Tie Shu Zheng" for reference.

  This post has been highly praised by previous readers. For example, Huang Bosi of the Song Dynasty said: "This post is about the dragon in Shao Yi's book." Zhu Xi said, "He plays with the meaning of his brushwork, calmly expresses it, and has a detached atmosphere. He is not tied to the law and does not seek to be free from the law. The so-called one flows out from his own mind one by one." Some people think that this post "the brushwork has an ancient quality and has the legacy of seal script" meaning". These reviews are very fair. In particular, they are written calmly and without the constraints of the law, as if they flow naturally from one's own chest, which is the most profound and accurate. Sun Guoting once said: "Now that Zijing (Wang Xianzhi) has passed away, everyone must work hard to mark the form." That is to say, Wang Xizhi and others deliberately used force when writing to show that they have their own artistic style. In this way On the contrary, the natural beauty of writing is lost. This kind of contrastive comment is very enlightening for calligraphy appreciation.

Explanation: On the 17th, I wrote a letter to Xi Sima before he left. I received a letter on the same day as a comfort letter to express the complex numbers. I have a rough foot in front of the east to have a good view. I have been cherished by the Yimin for a long time. Why do you step down?
Waiting for (Fang) to come back to this is like the words in a dream. I have no chance to speak and sigh with my face. How can I read the book? Long Bao and others are safe and thank you for seeing you too late. Your uncle is so simple.
Today, I wear a silk cloth single garment to express my gratitude. I have been separated for sixteen years now. Although I asked about the book at that time, I didn’t know how to be generous and save my step. After writing two letters, I added a sigh of relief.
I haven't thought about anything in the cold fifty years. I always hope that I will be back again in the coming summer and autumn. I just ask my ears, what can you say about Yuyouyou? I have been taking it for a long time, but I am still inferior to most people. Is it possible to recover in the next year? Can I save it with one step?
Love comes from the top, but there is melancholy. Contentment goes down to Wu Nianwei. I can't live in Shudanxiye when I am far away. Chi Zhiwen, I look closer and have no chance to save the suffering (tell), but there is lamentation.
I wish you and your family are safe and sound. I'm sure I'm glad you're here. It's hard to tell. I'll tell you how hard it is. You'll have to listen to me for a while. You should not stay in the capital. This is both a refuge and a good time. So I'm glad that you're here. This is my message.
It also expresses the question whether Tianshu ointment has been proven to cure deafness or not. It is a necessary medicine. Zhu Churen went to get it from where he was, but he did not answer it in the letter, so he answered it in one step.
His book can lead to success. He will be seventy years old this year, and he will know his body and energy. Chang Jia also wants to return to his foolishness and support me in this great celebration. I am a man with droopy ears. You are reasonable and think you are lucky, but you are afraid of the future.
The road is about to turn, so you must have a desire. Traveling to Wenling is not a single step, as is often said, but you should protect it until this time, don't say it. False words have come to fruition. This is a strange thing.
In the summer, I can reach Qiong with bamboo sticks at my feet. By now, there are many scholars and respected elders. I will spread them out so that I know that I will benefit from far away.
Qi Yang (Yang), the male capital of Shu, is on the left side of Taichong San. They are not prepared to know about it, so there are many strange things, which will make their sight and content satisfied. They can also get results. They should inform the minister to ask for a welcome. When the people arrive, they will signal that it is late.
I really want to take the sun as the year, and I want to stay in that land. There is no movement in that land. I have no desire. I will go to Mount Emei to lead the immortal event, but I have this heart to go to that place.
The salt well and the fire well are all deficient. What you see is not what you want, what you hear is clear, it is clear what you have to do. Small and big questions are for comfort. There are many points for Zhang Nian. One step is hanging on the feelings. Wuchang scholars are also far away. Officials are all caring for one step.
He also asked several questions about the old woman who was in a hurry and saved her life. She was always worried about the rest of her life and was safe. She was content with her feelings. Every day and night, the city was quiet and quiet.
I am grateful for my gratitude even if I take a step to count my missions. I am willing to leave my post (live) and ask for my kindness. My ancestors have said in the past that I can’t express my sadness. Yan Junping, Sima Xiangru, and Yang (Yang) Ziyun all have descendants.
Mrs. Hu's sister is safe and is here. She has been living here for seventy years in Yongxing. I am here. The officials are very poor in management. They are in a hurry. I came to Shiyun and asked my maid for a letter. I couldn't do it.
I have seven sons and one daughter, all of whom were born and married together. The only one who is younger is still unmarried. After this marriage, I have now and now have sixteen grandchildren, who are enough to comfort me now. The love is so difficult that it shows.
Yun Qiao Zhou has a grandson who is not noble. He appears today and is in his place. He has a person who can match this. His ambition does not make people rely on him. He shows it with his steps. He knows that there was a lecture hall in the Han Dynasty. This is the Han Dynasty. When the emperor established this, he knows how to draw the three emperors.
Since the time of the Five Emperors, there have been paintings that are exquisite and wonderful to behold. Those who are able to paint do not want to imitate them because they are cheap. If they do not believe me, I will tell you. I have asked about the roughness and peace, but only practice.
It is recorded in Yuanyin that there are countless suspenseful affairs. The state's illness is not fruitful. The public and private affairs in the west are hateful. All the things mentioned below have been exhausted. I have nothing to do. However, all the questions and thoughts are different and no longer exist (one by one)
In the past, I saw that Zhuge Xian once asked about the affairs in Shu. It is said that the gates, houses, towers and buildings in Chengdu City are all from the Qin Dynasty. Sima Cuo built them in a far-reaching way, which makes people think of them. However, you don’t believe in them (11). It shows that he wants to spread rumors.
The two kinds of walnut medicine are enough to be enough. The salt is the only way to take it. It is necessary to know that the bottom of the step is to take it for a while before returning. I have not allowed this ambition to be known to me. I hope that this will be accomplished and I have no chance to see it.
The Qing Dynasty smiled and said that the herb he needs can be used to show the green plums and birds. The seeds are all in the bag, which is a good letter. There are many seals and no birth.
Cherry Rijie Teng The clouds under my feet are so good that I can grow them. I should sow this and that for my children. I am very happy that walnuts are all growing.
The fruit is now being planted in the field. This is the only reason for this. It is a great benefit to my son because of an accident far away. I know that the Qing Dynasty Yan Sui Feng came from there. There is no hometown, so this is a famous place.
And what can you do about the situation of the mountains and rivers? If you don’t look at Yuanji, I used to work with you. I often remember that I am now the general in the palace. You can’t go through the clouds before and you can’t do anything with your steps.
Because I am old and want to be with you, I am willing to go down to Liao. I think I can get a small county with my capital. I can think about it with just one step, so it is far away.
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