The original copy of Wang Xizhi's "Xing Rang Tie" has been lost. This is a double-hook and ink-filled copy from the early Tang Dynasty. It is on hard yellow paper and is said to be Mi Fu's second edition. It is 24.4×8.9cm. Two lines, fifteen characters, inscribed with gold clay and the seal of Xuanhe by Huizong of the Northern Song Dynasty. It was once collected by Dong Qichang's friend Wu Ting. Dong Qichang in the Ming Dynasty had many inscriptions and postscripts, and later entered the Qing Palace. Qianlong had inscriptions, poems and appreciation seals. Dong Qichang's postscript: "Dongpo said, 'Jun's family has thirteen characters in two lines, and the pressure of Yehou's thirty thousand signatures' is this post?" Emperor Qianlong praised it as "the inner robe is shining brightly in the mud".

It is said that "Xing Rang Tie" was a national treasure that was exiled from the Old Summer Palace (palace) to the people when the Eight-Power Allied Forces invaded China. At the same time, Zhong Yao's "Recommended Ji Zhi Biao" and Su Shi's "Huangzhou Cold Food Tie" were also leaked. "Xing Rang Tie" was later collected by Zhang Daqian of Dafeng Hall. After "Xing Rang Tie" returned to Dafeng Hall, Zhang Daqian brought this volume with him when he came to Japan and temporarily stored it with the calligrapher Nishikawa Ning. Now in the collection of Princeton University Art Museum, USA. It is known as the first collection of Chinese calligraphy in the United States.

"Secretary of the Right Army": "It takes a long time for a step to be taken, but how quickly can people return? Most of them are appointed as counties, and their orders are appropriate." Li Qi. Wang Xizhibai. ’ This post is only a fragment of the article.

Interpretation: After a single step, nine people also said that they should never do it? Most of them should be responsible.