Su Shi, Song Dynasty, wax paper, 34.5×106cm, collected by Osaka Municipal Art Museum, Japan>

This post was written by Su Shi when he was 58 years old (AD 1093), the eighth year of Yuanyou, Emperor Shenzong of the Song Dynasty. It was recorded in "Jiangcun Sales Summer Records" by Gao Shiqi of the Qing Dynasty. Later there were postscripts by Cai Songnian, Shi Yisheng, Liu Yi, Gao Yan, Zhang Bi, Gao Shiqi, Shen Deqian and other people of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. This post has reached Japan. Shi Yisheng said, "With these words praising Taibai, there would be no poetry in the world, and with Guan Dongpo's writing, there would be no words in the world." These two poems are not included in the Collected Works of Li Taibai. There are two poems in Taibai. The first song is eloquent and enchanting with its fairy spirit. The second song is desolate, empty and transcendent. The first poem of the book is graceful and graceful, and the last ten sentences gradually enter a wonderland, full of changes and unpredictable. The second song is about galloping and leisurely. It is purely a combination of gods and human beings. The fairy spirit is ethereal, and the heart follows the book. It is no longer the world of the human world. The realm of this book is quite difficult to reach.