"Lin Jie Jin Shi", paper, hand scroll, 29cm in length, 822.2cm in width, running script, 165 lines, 1096 words. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing
Explanation of "Lin Jie Jin Shi"
Explanation of "Lin Jie Jin Shi"
In the place where the Buddhist scriptures are stored, I once ascended the stream to the altar. The dusty wind brings forth the summer curtain, and the clogs pass through the autumn orchids. The courtyard is quiet, the windows are empty and green, and the steps are green and cold. Bamboo knows how old the fragrant festival is, and the lotus recalls the broken brocade house. Who shares the poem with the grass in the pond, and plays the pine harp alone. Linjiang is full of smoke, how can we face Langgan?
Scholars pass the pavilion in winter
  Qingye, Inn County, the weather is cold and the horses are white. Birds in the fields are scattered in the empty village, and the sound of frost echoes in the river elm. The dust is connected with the high talk, and the poem is unique in ancient times. There is a new moon in the south of the city, and it takes a moment to say goodbye.
Cai Yuqing arrives
  Send a white horse to Chaoyuan, the sound of rain wet the blue gate. I dreamed that flowers bloomed first, and magpies competed with each other. The dust is long and the leakage is fine, and the spring is warm and warm. On our way to Tianya Lu, we stopped to watch Hen Shao.
Thank you Chen Mengxi for seeing me
  The curve is thin and covers the flower wall, and the green sand is deep in the path. Zhengxia comes to the end of the morning, and the rain is all hidden in the forest. When the moss is ripe, it is kind, and when the spring is cold, it can care for the heart. I have been away from the bachelor's seat for a long time, chatting with A Rong Yin.
Zhang Wu's second selection department passed the museum
  The horse pulls the willows in the long alley, and the wind blows up the orioles. When morning rain comes to the door to rest, Chun Sha feels embarrassed. Knock on the pestle of other courtyards to stir up the nostalgia of the country. The river is smoky and cold when travelers leave, and the green hills only face the city.
  The sea clouds often make rain, and flowers are rare in February. I change my tongue at night and dry my emerald clothes in the morning. The Xuanhui Sichuan is green, and the stone flowing over the train is brilliant. Don't worry about the grass protecting the gate of the official residence at the foot of Zhongshan Mountain.
Send to Wu Weixin
  I haven't seen Cao Xuanke for ten years. In the late autumn, I suddenly dreamed of people in the mountains. Cranes write that the sky is blue and the sea is green, and egrets and frost bloom in the river. The article is filled with jade from thousands of families, and the garden is filled with hundreds of herbs. Mo Dao Xiangru didn't meet him at all, and the king asked to visit him late in life.
Go to Mao Du Sutra at Gaozuo Temple
  The noble man opened the bamboo kitchen in the court, and the old man sat around with fragrant herbs. Thousands of peaks are swaying and autumn is boundless, and I feel more than happy to climb them in half a day. When Neng Bin joined the army, he recommended Bao Zhao, and when he was tired of wandering around, he smiled like a guest. Where the berry moss remains, the bald pens grow thinner and thinner.
Reply to Huangfu Baiquan
  When you are sick, you are thinking a lot. There is a purple oriole at the east end of the waiting hall. The old song of Wan Fan pities the Han moon, and the autumn colors of hibiscus fill the city. The horse is still not tired and thirsty, and he thanks the guests for their stay and expresses his affection. No wonder the young man's rhetoric is flourishing, and the new style of Bailiang is moving in Xijing.
Frame of Huai Cai Zi Mu and Wang Wei
  I have been visiting Yantai in Nanguan for a long time, and Ermiao took advantage of the spring to send me to Jin. After the snow, Daizong opened the Guigu Temple, and the lace waiting hall was decorated with cranes. The clean feet are untainted by dust, and the golden wings boast the emerald sweet potato. It's easy to meet each other in my hometown. Two years ago, the grass was fragrant and the sky was blue.
Zhu Zifen chanted peach blossoms and gave it to
  The pavilion where Zhu Lang lies is bright, and the peach blossoms are full of thoughts about the good day. Don't worry about the rain in the sky on the stone stack, monopolizing the April clouds on Zhongshan Mountain. At night, I don't play drums and harps to frighten the bottom of the water, and sometimes I carry a bamboo mat to borrow incense. He actually forgot that he was on Tianxuan Lake, but he always looked up at the white islands in front of him.
Shiting Grand Visitor's Gifts and Answers
  Dumen Jingshe is better than Weizhuang, and it faces the thatched cottage by the Qingjiang River. The articles in the stone chamber are spread in purple style, and the flowers and birds in the blue mountains are busy with poems. The smoke and radish are thick and the cow cup is green, and the sesame leaves are fragrant in autumn. The lovely men join hands with Gui Gui, and the Dou family's fish bag should not be hidden deep.
I had an appointment at East Bridge on New Year’s Eve but I couldn’t keep it
  He didn't go to the appointment with Zhongcheng for no reason, and Zi Mo returned late to appreciate it. The spring grass grows by the pool, and the medicine column is empty, recalling the drunkenness and chanting. The chirping birds are hidden in the beautiful trees in the cold weather, and the flowers are blooming in the forest at night. While riding in the car, the pipes were boiling and the moonlight was shining over the purple city.
Zhiyong built a pavilion and went to Hengtang to ask questions
  The clouds and trees in front of Gusu Terrace are clear, and the water outside Helu City is crisscrossed. The moon comes early when the towers are high, and the flowers on the ten continents go away lightly. Don't worry about the dream of not having mountains in the pool hall, all the haze is still there. It's strange that I have been writing this book for such a young age, so I only get a share of the pie.
Presented to Lu Zihao
  Lu Zi rode on his donkey and came to Baimen late at night. They met under the hanging whip flowers. Bishan enjoys the joy of spring outing, and the yellow birds no longer suspect the traces of wild travelers. I have been pillowing on the sea waves for several nights, and the valley in the clouds has blocked the dry peaks. Changyang sweeps the ground to take advantage of the situation, tomorrow Yin Xiao'an will follow.
  The former leader of the clan, Mr. Fan Dong, scolded Yu for his evil poems with ugly characters in a volume, and he gave the general a lesson. Yu Fang accepted the order in a hurry, and when they met one day, he also said: "I have heard and interpreted the scholar's book review, because I have graduated, and I don't want to make it empty." Then I continued with a section of the book review, and wrote it separately at the end. Learning to calligraphy is not about oral transmission of feelings and feelings, and it cannot be refined. It must be smooth and smooth in writing, with proper control, lifting, and pauses, folding the edge of the sword, revealing changes, and the way of ink. There is something self-evident in it. When Yan Shangshu met Zhang Changshi for the first time, he ordered him to write hundreds of pieces of paper. The solitary pendant vibrated, causing it to fly on the sand, creating a miracle.
Written by Jin gentry on September 11th, Bingxu, Yongle. The right letter is written to the great father Tianle. The great ginseng was obtained in Nie Neihan's first year, but he did not know where he came from. It has been passed down by the Yu family, and the interpretations handed down in recent times are quite different, and it was written by Gai Gong Jie. Zhengde Ji Mao suffered a disaster in the library, so I tried to write a record of the destruction, and used the record of self-incrimination to record the "Linwuji". Mr. Liu, who served him, Tan and Xie Shu, occasionally recorded Yiyi as a recitation, and mentioned it in the public order book. On the 21st of September in Jiajing Bingshen, Cai Yu, a native of Linwushan, wrote his first letter.