Fan page of poems about traveling to Jinling
"Poems on Traveling to Jinling" fan page, sprinkled with gold paper, fan page, length 15.3cm, width 43.6cm, regular script, 32 lines. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing
The millet is separated and the ramie is light, and the water of the Tianhe River shines brightly on people. A hundred layers of purple air fill the Fuling Valley, and a thousand walls of gold embrace the imperial city. Riders can enter the corridor from the beginning, and the scenery is close to the forest. At the height of the day, I met Chang Yang Palace, and the white-faced scholar walked with his sword hanging. Enter the Gaoqiao Gate on the right. Hao Jingyuan is an old feudal territory with many Forbidden City. The painting horn often blows the moon over the city, and the feather forest is still frosty in front of the palace. The pond is shining with the sky and the canal is far away, and the trees in the exquisite garden are long. I heard that there are bells and cauldrons in Daomingtang, and how many merits and virtues are recorded by the heavenly king. The Chaoyang Gate on the right is blocked. Zhongfu has been suffering from depression for thousands of years, and he once made the emperor moisturize the empty altar. The grass path is far away from the golden luan, and the wind carries the coldness to the jade trees in Changling. The terrace hall does not know where to turn, and the pictures often have to go around the corridor to see them. The Zen room is secluded and has no craftsmen. It is shameful to kill pedestrians and temporarily remove the saddle. Youlinggu Temple. Dumen is surrounded by smoke and trees, and I immediately take a look at the height from the high platform. When the river reaches the west, it divides into the tail of Chu, and the mountain looks like a broken mountain, which is Chuyang. The mortal world is tired of seeing drunk waists, and the rain of flowers still spreads the fragrance of the Buddha's land. There was a chime sound in the monk corridor on the four walls, and the road outside Changqianfang was busy. On the right is the rain flower terrace. In the autumn of Dingmao in the second year of Zhengde, I made a trip to Jinling. The first four poems were all written at one time. In the fourth year of the reign of Zhengde, Wang Lu, a disciple of the family, lived at Yong'an Bridge in Xumen. It rained continuously for days, and he sang warmly in his mouth. He took out his fan half-heartedly and asked for a letter to express his order. It's the first day of the fourth lunar month. Cai Yu, a native of the First Peak Mountain.
Seal of "Zhang's Collection of Calligraphy and Paintings".
This fan page was written in "Xinwei of Zhengde", that is, the sixth year of Zhengde in Ming Dynasty (1511). In the inscription, Cai Yu's disciple "Wang Luyue" is Wang Shou. "Xumen" is the southwest gate of Wu County.
The calligraphy of "The Poems of Traveling to Jinling" is of ancient quality and the brushwork is concise. The strong and vigorous lines and the sharp strokes of the strokes are similar to those of Zhong Yao, presenting a solemn, simple, vigorous and beautiful artistic charm. Cai Yu can write exquisite regular script on the hard and smooth gold-sprinkled paper, which shows his profound skills.