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It was written in the seventh year of the Dali calendar (772). rubbings. Running script, preface. 35.6×16.5 cm. There are 22 lines, totaling 159 words. The Zhejiang Provincial Museum collects the copy of "Zhongyi Tang Tie" by Liu Yuangang in the Southern Song Dynasty. The authentic record first appeared in Song Mifu's "Book History", which was written by Yan Zhenqing when he sent Liu Taichong on his journey to the west. Liu Taichong was an old friend of Yan Zhenqing in Tianbao's late years in Pingyuan, a subordinate of Li in the first year of Guangde, a descendant of Xiao Yingshi from Chenliu in Xuancheng, and the brother of Liu Taizhen. According to Mi Fu's "History of Books", the original calligraphy was originally owned by Wang Qinchen and later acquired by the Tang Dynasty. The line "Talent does not coincide with fate, but virtue has no neighbors" was cut out, while the "Zhongyi Hall Calligraphy" remains. Retain. There are missing characters at the beginning and end of this preface, which shows that the original work was already damaged at that time. The missing five characters "Liu Taichong Zhe Peng" at the beginning of "Zhongyi Tang Tie" were corrected and supplemented by Zhubi small characters. At the end of the preface, there are also six lines of Zhubi inscriptions and postscripts, all written by Sun Chengze of the Qing Dynasty.