Mi Fu's "On Cursive Script Calligraphy", paper, cursive script, length 24.7 cm, width 37 cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

   Mi Fu's "On Cursive Calligraphy", the fifth of nine cursive calligraphy. This post is also known as "Zhang Dian (epilepsy) post", "Cao Sheng post", "Lun Shu post", etc., and is written in cursive script. One essay is a note written by Mi Fu commenting on cursive writing. The appointment was made in the second year of Yuanyou (1087), the reign of Emperor Zhezong of the Northern Song Dynasty. Mi Fu's cursive script is based on the Jin people. From this cursive script, you can taste his knowledge of cursive script. The unique style of Mi Fu's calligraphy is revealed in the lines of the work. We can see Mi Fu's efforts in learning ancient calligraphy. Although his cursive script is not as impressive as his running script, it is still extraordinary.
If cursive script does not enter Jin personality.
He often becomes a low-grade person. Zhang Dian (epilepsy) custom
son. Disrupt ancient laws. Shocked
Ordinary people. Those who know themselves. pregnant
Less plain and plain. Arrive later
Made in heaven. And the times are pressing.
Can't be ancient. High and leisurely. but
A wine shop that can be hung. (*) Guangyouke
Hate it.