Xian Yushu's "Ma Zhengjun's Translucent Ancient Mirror Song" on paper, 30.5 x 19.8cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Xian Yushu's "Ma Zhengjun's Translucent Ancient Mirror Song", on paper, with large characters in regular script, cut and bound into a volume. This volume is cut and bound into a volume with broken lines. Judging from the collection seal, it seems that it was modified before Liang Qingbiao entered the imperial palace of the Qing Dynasty. The original form of the order is no longer known.

The structure of "Ma Zhengjun's Translucent Ancient Mirror Song" is nearly square, and the character spacing and line spacing are different, so the original appearance cannot be seen. Judging from the traces, it may have been four characters per line. The font is slightly sized according to the number of strokes and the inherent shape of the characters, but is generally uniform in size. The stroke thickness does not change much. The font structure comes from the regular script of the Jin and Tang Dynasties.

He seems not to pay attention to the exquisiteness of each stroke, but focuses on the creation of the overall momentum and image of each word. Su Shi once said: "It is difficult for large characters to be dense and seamless, and it is difficult for small characters to be broad and generous." This large character can be said to be "dense and seamless", and the writing becomes better as the writing goes on, and the pen and ink are perfect. Overall, this large font is regular and magnificent, and is a typical work of Xianyu's regular script.