Zhao Mengfu's "Miaoyan Temple" Collection of Princeton University Art Museum, USA

"Records of Miaoyan Temple", also known as "Records of Miaoyan Temple in Huzhou", was written by Mou Qiang and written by Zhao Mengfu with a seal on the forehead. The original paper is horizontally scrolled and is now in the collection of the Princeton University Art Museum in the United States.

There is no date or month signed on this work, but based on the title he signed, it can be inferred that this volume was written after July of the second year of the Da Da period (1309), or before September of the following year. According to Yang Zai's "Zhao Wenmin Gong's Journey": "In July of the second year of his reign, he was promoted to Zhongshun Dafu, Yangzhou Road, Taizhou Yin, and Jianjin Farmer. He was not promoted yet. Emperor Renzong was in the East Palace and sent an envoy to summon him." It can be seen that Although he was appointed to this position, he did not take up the post. He was at home in Huzhou at this time. It was not until September of the following year that he was called to Dadu (today's Beijing). Therefore, we know that this volume was a work when he was fifty-six or fifty-seven, and it is a work from the later period of his middle period. The structure of the characters is square and broad, the strokes are open and stretched, and the pointillism is exquisite, making the turns flexible, and in a solemn and regular manner. He is handsome and handsome, with a high level of calligraphy art. He is also a good example for learning "Zhao style" calligraphy.