Mi Fu's cursive calligraphy of "The Good Guy's Notes"

This fragment of "Mi Fu's calligraphy of a good person" is extremely finely engraved, and the paper and ink are authentic. There is no doubt that it was originally developed. It is a rare masterpiece among Mi Fu's cursive calligraphy works. Fang Jia commented that Mi Lao's book is extremely powerful and fascinating to read. Prince Cheng of the Qing Dynasty praised this book, "The Minangong stone version is the best in the world." This book, together with "Xue Shu Tie", was collected by Sun Chengze, a collector in the Qing Dynasty, and later flowed to Japan, where it is now collected in the Goto Museum of Art in Tokyo.


Some of the messages received by good people were written in seal script. They looked back at the two kings and suddenly felt a sense of dust. Is this the message from Emperor Wu of Jin Dynasty? Thank you for it? It is naturally made, the word "Thank you" is really appropriate, and the word "Chiangmai" is really appropriate, and the title of "Bizi" is respectful at the end. Most of the seals at the beginning and end of the post are the same as those I collected, such as Junqian, Tang's and Chen's seals, and jade scrolls and ancient brocades, all of which are old things. It is a rare treasure that cannot be fully described, and I wish I could not appreciate it together. After returning home, I continued to write dozens of paintings, but suddenly I fell into step, which was ridiculous. ? ? Lu Tong has a word like this. He doesn't know the clouds of retreat, Xi's customs, and his writing is charming. Isn't this Duke just a stone drum? Come to think of it, I've seen something like this.