Northern Song Dynasty - Mi Fu's "Shu Su Tie"--the most beautiful post in China
【Name】Shu Sutie
【Category】Chinese Calligraphy
【Author】Mi Fu
[form] silk
【Year】Northern Song Dynasty
[Original size] 29.7 cm in length and 284.3 cm in width
[Finished product size] 29.7 cm in length; 580.6 cm in width
[Status of cultural relics] Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei
"Shu Su Tie" main post details:

One: "Ancient"
The green pine stands upright, and Ling Xiao is ashamed. All kinds of branches and leaves are implicated in the upper loose end. Autumn flowers rise in crimson smoke, and the clouds and brocades are charming.
Not ashamed or self-reliant, Shu Guang shoots pills. Bai saw the effect of spitting out the child, and the crane suspected that he shrunk his neck and returned. The green pine has no flowers at all, and it is safe to keep the cold.
The tortoise and the crane live together in the same year, and Yu Jie is in charge of him. All kinds are spiritual things, and they forget each other. Cranes have the heart to soar into the sky, while tortoises hate to live with their tails trailing.
With two bamboos attached to the mouth, each will go up to Yunqu. Tell you to be careful not to speak, a word will fall into the mud.
Part Two: "Wujiang Chuihong Pavilion"

Wujiang Chuihong Pavilion
Duanyun is a piece of Dongting sail, jade breaks perch, gold breaks oranges. It is good to write new poems following Sang Zhu, and the autumn colors of the rainbow are all over the southeast.
Generally, the five lakes are frosty and clear, and the shape of the water and the sky can't be distinguished for a long time. Why do we need the Weaver Girl to support the machine stone, and play Chang'e as the guest star. It was a trip to Huzhou.
The third: "Entering the country to send a collection of virtuous Lin Sheren"

Entry Jixian Lin Sheren
Sail the moon and pass by the moon far away, and listen to carols in good spirits. If you don't pick up what's lost on the road, you will know the government, and there are many wild ears. It's the right time.
The sky is divided into autumn and summer, and Yinxing is prosperous, and the sun and mountains are drunk. They caught toads and studied ink together, and cut Jiang Bo's books with colored paper.
Part Four: "Chongjiuhui County Building"

Chongjiuhui County Building
The mountains are clear and the air is refreshing. Nine autumns, yellow chrysanthemums and red dogwoods are full of boats. It is better to have a queen after a thousand miles, and the group of sages will be in front of you.
Where is Du Lang's leisure guest today, Xie Shou's romantic tradition has been passed down in ancient times. Only the matter of Qiu Yingyuan is alone, and the old love is biased towards poetry.
Fifth: "The Work of Helin Gongxian Mountain"    

Works with Lin Gongxian Mountain
The bright moon is in the middle of the sky, and the reunion is thousands of miles away. Zhenze is one piece of water, and it occupies more than two pieces. Sala is Mount Xian, and the land is shaped like clouds.
The land is only in Soochow. Ancient beauties of mountains and rivers. Among them were Jiaojiao people, who used jade clothes and jade as bait. He is the head of the Villies. Learning is right with the millennium.
You Cao stay alone for a long time. I am willing to recruit classes from afar. Jin Qi brings autumn prestige. Go by the clouds and go to the mast. Chao Yu Yu Yu Biao. Twilight returns to the light.
Cloud blind has the wind to control. Toad Tie has sharp swords. Tingting Taiyin Palace. Nothing is to look at the stars. Xing Shen Yi Dan Yi. Li Dongxuan's clothes are fake.
They praised vulgar work one after another. It's easy to forget. Haohao will do it for me. Stupid beard.
Part 6: "Send Wang Huan to Yanzhou"    

send Wang Huanzhi Yanzhou
Ji Ying Chun Dian sings and takes a rest. Shenwu Tian came down to Che. Hong Lu sang the first song at the beginning. Baimian Yulang was eighteen years old.
Shenwu Music Education is made in the world. It is inconvenient to knock on the scales to preach. The first state in the southeast of Yijin. Jibi Lake and Mountain are both clear.
An old fisherman from Xiangyang. If you don't love colorful flowers, you will love spring stones. When we meet, there is no appointment and no rebellion. Everyone holds ancient books on the same shore.
The prostitute friends first fell in love with each other. Wash your hair and let your mind be easy to worry about. The Liaohe is a couple in the clouds. That look at Tuju.
How deep is the appliance industry recently. There is no bottom in the Zhan Zhan area. It's never easy to be pitiful. It's in vain to drive attentively to find a man.
Man Shi traveled all over his life. Stand shoulder to shoulder with talents. There are few haikus that can scold ghosts. The old learners keep their mouths open.
One official chats with three paths of capital. Don't look back if you have different choices.