Northern Song Dynasty - Mi Fu's "Shu Su Tie" - the most beautiful Tie in China
【Name】Shu Sutie
【Category】Chinese calligraphy
【Author】Mi Fu
【Era】Northern Song Dynasty
[Original size] 29.7 cm in length and 284.3 cm in width
[Finished product size] 29.7cm in length; 580.6cm in width
[Current Situation of Cultural Relics] Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei
Details of the main post of "Shu Su Tie":

One: "Ancient Imitation"
Simulate ancient times
The green pine trees are strong and straight, and the sky is full of humiliation. All kinds of branches and leaves are involved, and the top of the pine tree is implicated. Autumn flowers are rising in crimson smoke, and the clouds are beautiful and beautiful.
Not shy or self-reliant, Shu Guang shoots pills. When Bai saw that his vomiting was effective, He suspected that he would shrink his neck and return. The green pine trees have no beauty, and they are safe and keep the cold weather coming.
Turtles and cranes have good longevity, and Yu Jie asked for special advice. All of them are spiritual beings, and they forget each other's physical form. Cranes have the heart to soar into the sky, while turtles are tired of dragging their tails.
With two pieces of bamboo attached to the mouth, he will go up to the cloud road. I tell you to be careful and don't say a word. One word will lead to mud.
Second: "Wujiang Chuihong Pavilion"

Wujiang Chuihong Pavilion
The broken clouds are like a Dongting sail, and the jade is broken by the sea bass and the gold is broken by the orange. It is good to compose new poems following the mulberry and ramie trees, and the autumn colors of the hanging rainbow fill the southeast.
The five lakes are frosty and clear, and the shape of the water and sky is endless. Why do we need the Weaver Girl to support the machine stone, and play Chang'e as a guest star. It was a trip to Huzhou.
The third one: "Send a message to Jixianlinsheren after entering the country"

Entering the country and sending it to the people of Jixianlin
The sails are sailing and the moon is passing by in the distance, and the atmosphere is lush and green, listening to carols. If you don't pick up leftovers on the road, you will know that the government is austere. If there are many wild crops and stagnant crops, it will be a harmonious time.
Autumn and summer are the perfect days for singing and singing, and the clear sky brings you intoxication with the streams and mountains. Then they caught toads and studied ink together, and all the colored paper and books were cut into the waves of the river.
Part Four: "Chongjiuhui County Tower"

Chongjiuhui County Building
In autumn, the mountains are clear and the air is refreshing, and the boats are filled with yellow chrysanthemums and red dogwoods. The end of a thousand miles is that it is better to have a queen, and all the virtuous people will be at the front.
Du Lang Xian Ke is now like this, Xie Shou Feng Liu passed it down in ancient times. I only focus on the story of Qiu Ying's fate, and my taste turns to poetry in my old age.
Fifth: "The Works of He Lin Gong on Xianshan"    

He Lin Gong's work on Xianshan
The moon is bright in the sky, and the groups are thousands of miles apart. Zhenze is one water, and it has occupied more than two. Sala is Xian Mountain, and the earth is shaped like clouds.
The land is just east of Wu. Ancient beauties of landscapes. There are bright people among them, and they use beautiful clothes and jade as bait. The position is Vile Immortal. Learning and millennium are opposite.
Youcao was alone for a long time. I am willing to recruit people from afar. The golden gong carries the power of autumn. He chases the clouds and arrives. Chaojunyu Yu Biao. The dusk returns to the light.
Blind clouds are controlled by the wind. Toad Tie has a sharp knife. Tingting Taiyin Palace. Wu is looking at the stars. The prosperity is deep and the barbarians are dangerous. Lidongxuan Shang fake.
They all praised their work. It is easy to forget. Haohao will do it for me. Stupid and stupid.
Part Six: "Send Off to Wang Huan's Yanzhou"    

Send Wang Huan's boat to Yanzhou
Ji Yingchun Hall calls to take a rest. Shen Wutian shines brightly. Honglu sang the first song. The White-faced Jade Man is eighteen years old.
Shenwu Yueyu is created all over the world. It is inconvenient to use a wooden stick to preach. The first state in the southeast of Yijin. The two clear photos of Jibi Lake and Mountain.
An old fisherman from Xiangyang. If you don't like the colorful flowers, you will love the spring stones. When we meet, there is no promise. I hold ancient books on the same bank.
Obscene friends and lovers admire each other for the first time. Wash your hair and relax your mind. The graceful couple in the clouds of Liaohe. The earthworm and the owl looked at it.
How profound is the utensil industry these days? There is no bottom in the Zhan Zhan area. It's never easy to be pitiful. It is in vain to search diligently for official positions.
Manshi traveled all over his life. Work side by side with talented people. There are few haiku that can curse ghosts. The old scholar is full of words.
One official has three qualifications. Don't look back when you have to choose.