Mo Ruzhong (1508--1588), courtesy name Ziliang and nickname Zhongjiang, was born in Huating (now Songjiang, Shanghai) in the Ming Dynasty. In the 17th year of Jiaqing (AD 1538), he became a Jinshi, was awarded the title of head of the Nanjing Ministry of Rites, and was promoted to the chief envoy of Zhejiang. The two kings of his calligraphy sect, the master of cursive calligraphy, were Mo Shilong's father and Dong Qichang's teacher. Wang Shizhen of the Ming Dynasty said in "Yiyuan Zhiyan": "He is as loyal as a grass-roots man, has a strong character, and is also good at signing letters." He is the author of "Mo Zhongjiang Collection".


"Reply to a Friend's Seven-Character Poem" on paper, 129X63cm, collected by Shanghai Museum