Postscript to Ouyang Xiu Zhuo Ai Tie Hou, collected by the Palace Museum, Beijing

  Drunkards often hate the difficulty of writing a book, saying that it is just a boat on the fast beach. After all, I am very contented in my later years, leaving my charm for people to see.
  The calligraphers of the Song Dynasty were not alone. At that time, only Cai Junmo was allowed to calligraphy. If Jin Dharma were to be regarded as the true seal, this old trend would not exist in the world.
    ——Cui Libujie obtained the authentic work of Ou Gong. He came back to play with it three times in his spare time, because the title was two of the best. On the sixth day of the first lunar month of Zhengde Jisi, he learned from Li Dongyang.