Ouyang Xun (AD 557-641), written by Han nationality. Born in Hengzhou (now Hengyang) in 557 AD, his ancestral home was Linxiang (now Changsha), Tanzhou, Tang Dynasty. The official position is Prince Lingeng Ling. One of the four masters of Chinese regular script.
     Ouyang Xun's regular calligraphy is rigorous and unrivaled in the world, and he is known as the best regular calligrapher in the Tang Dynasty. Both he and Yu Shinan were famous for their calligraphy in the early Tang Dynasty. Later generations were known as the "European style" because of their book's ability to "find danger in the ordinary".

The newly unearthed "Li Yu's Epitaph" in small regular script by Ouyang Xun is square in shape, with a height and width of 58.5 centimeters. The twelve zodiac signs are engraved on the surrounding walls. The Zhiwen has thirty-six lines, each line has thirty-six words. There are 1249 words in total. "Li Yu's Epitaph" was dated to the 15th year of Zhenguan, the same year Ouyang Xun died. It may be Ouyang Xun's last epitaph.