"Book Book", ink version, written and written by Sun Guoting. Written in the third year of Chui Gong (687), cursive script, on paper. The length is 27.2 cm and the width is 898.24 cm. Each paper has 16 to 18 lines, and each line has 8 to 12 words, a total of 351 lines and more than 3,500 words. There are more than 70 characters in the Yanwen, 30 characters in "Bo Ying at the end of Han Dynasty" and 30 characters in "The Heart Never Gets Tired of Essence". "Shupu" had two volumes, the upper and lower volumes, in the Song Dynasty. After the second volume was lost, only the first volume has been handed down.


Among those who were good at calligraphy since ancient times, Zhong and Zhang were the best in the Han and Wei dynasties, and they were called the two kings in the late Jin Dynasty. Wang Xizhi said: "Looking at all the famous books, Zhong and Zhang Xin are the best, but the rest are not enough." It can be said that Zhong and Zhang Yun disappeared, and Xi and Xian succeeded them.

He also said: "My book is compared to Zhong and Zhang. Zhong should resist, or it can be said that he has exceeded it; Zhang Cao should be like a flying goose. However, Zhang is very skilled, and the water in the pond is full of ink. If I delay you like this, I will not necessarily thank you."

This is the intention of promoting Zhang Mai Zhong. Examining his specialization, although he failed to achieve the result according to the previous rules, he was able to master all aspects, so he was not distracted by the immediate task.

A reviewer said: "The four sages are outstanding in ancient and modern times. Today they are not as good as the ancients, but the quality of the ancients is now beautiful."

Husband's quality is replaced by prosperity, and beauty is changed by customs. Although it is written as a deed, it is suitable for recording words. However, once Chunjun moved, his quality and literature changed three times; as he rushed towards evolution, physics was the same. Your ability was bad in ancient times, but it is no different now. As the saying goes, "Be gentle and gentle, then you are a gentleman." Why bother to carve the palace at the acupoint and turn the jade chariot at the vertebrae?

It is also said: "Zijing is not as good as Yi Shao, but Yi Shao is not as good as Zhong and Zhang." The author thought that he could evaluate his outline and discipline, but did not specify his origins and endings. Moreover, Yuanchang specialized in official script, and Boying was especially good at cursive script. They have two beauties, and they have both elegance and elegance. If you draft the grass, the truth will remain; if you compare the truth, the grass will grow. Although he specializes in craftsmanship, he is inferior, but he is good at extensive knowledge. The beginning and the end are all together, and there is no good relationship between them.

Xie Ansu was good at rulers and tablets, but Qingzi respected the books. Zi Jing tried to write a good book for it, saying that it must be recorded. An Zhi answered the question, which made him feel very angry.

An Chang asked Jing: "How can Qing Shu be like the right army?"

The answer is: "Therefore we should win."

Anyun: "The theory of things is different."

Zijing replied: "How could anyone know that at that time?"

Although this word is respectful, Zhe'an has learned from it. Calling yourself the Victorious Father is not an exaggeration! And establish yourself and make a name for yourself, and show your talents and respect. In the victory mother's house, I have never been able to enter.

Although the writings and letters written by Shao Youjun, which was written by Zijing Zijing, were restored to the regular rules, they might not be able to overcome Ji Qiu. The situation is to pretend to be a god and to worship the family model in shame. If you succeed in learning like this, you will be able to face a wall.

When Hou Xi went to the capital, he wrote an inscription on the wall before leaving. Zi Jingmi wiped it out and changed the writing to another place. His private behavior was not evil. When Xizhi saw him again, he sighed and said, "I was really drunk when I left!" Therefore, if you know that Yi Shao is better than Zhong and Zhang, you will know how to distinguish between masters and masters. If Zi Jing is not as respectful as Yi Shao, there will be no doubts.

In his academic years, Yu Zhi paid attention to calligraphy, Wei Zhong and Zhang Zhili; Extreme consideration and specialization, more than two centuries. He has the art of being obedient to the trees and the ambition to be near the pond. Observe the difference in the hanging needle of a husband, the quiver of lightning and falling stone, the frightened appearance of flying beasts, the frightened state of luan dancing and snake, the trend of the cliff and the collapse of the peak, the shape of being haggard in the face of danger; it may be as heavy as a collapsing cloud, or it may be as heavy as a collapsed cloud, or It is as light as a cicada's wing; if it is guided, the spring will flow; if it is stopped, the mountain will be safe; as slender as the first moon emerging from the cliff in the sky, and falling like stars in the river; the wonders of the same nature cannot be achieved by force; faith can be called wisdom and skill. Both are excellent, the mind and hands are smooth, the hand does not move in vain, and there must be a reason for the next move. In one painting, the peaks and ridges rise and fall; in one point, the peaks and peaks rise and fall. Kuang Yun: Accumulate the stippling to form the characters. I didn't look down at the ruler, but looked down at the shade. I cited Ban Chao as a remark, and I borrowed the records and became complacent. Let the pen form the body and gather the ink to form it. The prescription for imitating the effects of fainting in the mind, and the principle of waving luck when the hands are confused. It would be absurd to seek beauty and beauty!

However, when a gentleman establishes himself, he must cultivate his roots. Yang Xiong said: "Poetry and poetry are small and small, but strong men cannot do it." Kuang Fu is obsessed with thinking about grand ideas, and he is also a man who is good at calligraphy and calligraphy. The husband's hidden spirit is facing Yi, which is still the name of sitting and hiding; he is happy to fish and fish, and he still has the interest of physical movement and hiding. If Gong determines rituals and music, it is as if it is like a deity. It is just like the impoverishment of Nian, which works together with the furnace.

A man who likes different things and admires the beauty can play with the body posture in many ways; a man who is poor in measuring subtleties can discover the secrets of movement. The one who writes the book ignores its dross, the one who teaches and reviews learns the essence, the one who consolidates the principles and principles, and the one who believes in the virtuous and the wise is good at the same time. How can it be in vain to save the essence and reward it?

The scholars of the Eastern Jin Dynasty cultivated each other. As for the clans of Wang and Xie, and the Lun of Xi and Yu, even if they are not as beautiful as their gods, they are also salty and full of flavor. As time goes by, the path becomes weaker and weaker. Fang Fu heard the doubts and expressed doubts, and he got the last word.

The past and the present are blocked, and there is no question. There is a meeting place, which is kept secret. This leaves scholars at a loss, unable to understand the essentials. I only see the beauty of success, but I don’t understand the reason for it.

Or it may just be distributed over the years, far away from the rules. If you don't really understand the picture, you will be confused by practicing grass. If the order is written in cursive script and the official law is roughly passed down, it will lead to a tendency to be too rigid and self-defeating. Knowing that the heart and hand will return, it seems that they have the same origin but are of different schools; the technique of switching is like a tree that shares the same tree but is divided into strips?

It is important to make changes at the right time, and calligraphy is the most important thing; writing the title in the square is really the first thing to do. If the grass is not true, it is only dedicated; if the true grass is not clear, it is not a calligraphy. The true uses dot painting as the form and quality, so that it can be transformed into emotion; the grass uses dot painting as the emotion, so that it can be transformed into form and quality. The grass is good at turning, but it can't form words; if it's really bad, it can still be written. Although they are different from each other, they are generally related to each other. Therefore, it is also adjacent to the two seal scripts, which span eight points, including chapters, Han Yong, and Fei Bai. If Haoli is not aware of it, then Hu and Yue will be very different.

To the extent that Zhong Yao is a scribe and Zhang Zhi is a sage, they are all experts and masters, making them unparalleled. Boying is not honest, but his stipples are messy; Yuan Chang is not grassy, ​​so he turns vertically and horizontally, but he has already surrendered. Those who are not good at both are missing something and are not specialized.

Although seal script, Li script, Cao script, and seal script have various uses, each has its own advantages. The seal script is graceful and clear; the official script is precise and dense; the cursive script is flowing and smooth; the rules and regulations are easy to check. Then cool it with wind spirit, warm it with beauty, drum it with dry energy, and harmonize it with leisurely elegance. Therefore, it can reach its emotions, shape its sorrow and joy, and test the special knots of dryness and dampness, which will remain the same through the ages. When the body is old and strong, there are hundreds of hectares. Sigh, those who don’t enter its door and peek into its secrets are the same!

Another time I wrote a book, some were good and some were cooperative. If you are in harmony, you will be charming; if you are good, you will be sparse. Briefly speaking, there are five reasons for each. God is happy and busy, and he is in harmony. Feeling benefit and favoring knowledge are two combinations. When the Qi is harmonious and moist, it is a three-in-one combination. The paper and ink are in harmony, which is the four-dimensional combination. Occasionally want to write, Wuhe is also. The heart is quick and the body is staying, which is a good thing. The intention is to go against the situation and bend, and the two are obedient. Wind, dryness and sunburn are three good things. The paper and ink are not in proportion, and the four are obedient. The love is lazy and the hands are indifferent, which is why the five are obedient.

When they are in harmony, the advantages and disadvantages differ from each other. It is better to have the right tool at the right time, and it is better to have the right tool than to have the right intention. If the five darlings gather together, their thoughts will stop and their hands will be covered. The five combinations are perfect, and the spirit blends smoothly with the pen. Smooth, no discomfort, confused and helpless.

When a benevolent person is so proud that he forgets to speak, he rarely states his important points. Scholars hope to describe the wonderful things, but the descriptions are still sparse. He did his work in vain and failed to fulfill his purpose. Don't criticize mediocrity, but always follow what is clear. I want to promote the rules of the past and guide the knowledge of the future. Eliminate complexity and excess, and see the traces to clarify the mind.

There are seven lines of "Brush Formation Picture" in the ancient times. The middle painting is written by three hands. Suddenly, it was spread from north to south, and it was suspected that it was made by the right army. Although it is not clear whether it is true or not, it can still enlighten children. Since it is stored in common customs, it is not cataloged. As for the reviews of various schools of thought, they are mostly about glitz and glamour. They are all about external descriptions of their shapes and internal confusion about their principles. What I have written now is of no use.

If it is the high reputation of the teacher and the official, it will only show the history; the order of Handan Chun will be empty and sealed. Since the time of Cui and Du, Xiao and Yang have passed away, and sacrifices have been carried out far away, and famous families have multiplied. Perhaps by being very persistent, a person's career will be revealed; or by virtue of attachment, the price will increase, and the body will decline. Don't pass it on if you are stupid. The search for secrets is almost over. Occasionally, I rarely get a glimpse of the reward. There are so many different advantages and disadvantages that it is almost difficult to explain. It is famous in the contemporary era, and its relics are still there. There is no time to suppress it, and it marks its own succession.

Moreover, the creation of the Six Essays originated from Xuanyuan; the rise of the Eight Styles began with Ying Zheng; it has been around since then, and it has been used extensively by Si Hong. But the present and the past are different, and the quality of beauty is suspended. It's not something I'm used to, but it's also something I've learned a little bit about.

There are also dragons, snakes, clouds, dews, turtles, cranes, flower eagles and the like. The first picture is really about the leader, or it is auspicious in the past. He is skillfully involved in painting and calligraphy, but his craftsmanship is at a loss for calligraphy. The different regular styles are not detailed.

The ten chapters of Xizhi's "On Yu Zijing's Writing Style" passed down from generation to generation, the writing is crude and the reasoning is sparse, and the meaning is clumsy. Detailed description of its purpose is definitely not that of a right-wing army. In addition, Youjun has a high position and high talent, and his poems are clear and elegant. His voice has not faded away, and his writing style still exists. Watching my husband write a letter and stating something, when he made a mistake, Ji Gusi was there. How can there be plans for the order and heirs, and the Tao Ye Yifang, and the Zhang Ze will suffer a sudden loss, just like this! He also said that he was a classmate of Zhang Boying, and this was even more illusory. If we refer to Boying in the late Han Dynasty, the eras are not connected at all; there must be someone from Jin Dynasty with the same name, how lonely the historical biography is! It is neither training nor scripture, so it is better to abandon it.

What the husband expresses in his heart cannot easily be expressed in famous quotes; what he expresses in words cannot easily be expressed in paper and ink. It can be roughly as if it looks like it, and its words can be summarized; I hope that I can learn from the foreigners and get a good place. If he is not caught, please wait for the future.

Now I write down the reasons for "holding", "making", "using" and "turning" in order to eliminate the confusion. "Perseverance" refers to things like depth, length, and shortness. "Shi" refers to vertical and horizontal control and the like. "Zhuan" refers to hooks, pans, and the like. "Use" refers to stippling towards the back and the like. Fang regained his knowledge and returned to the same path.

The various tasks are compiled, intricate and wonderful, and the sages of the past have not been able to catch up, so that future generations can learn from the established rules. Get a glimpse of its roots and analyze its branches. Your envoys are well-organized and well-organized, and their traces show their understanding; they can be seen clearly when they are wrapped in scrolls, and their writing is smooth and smooth. Weird words and strange theories, which are not detailed. However, what I have stated now is for the benefit of scholars.

But Youjun's book has been called Xi by many generations. Liang Ke can be regarded as the master craftsman, and he can take it home. Not only does it connect the past and the present, but it also blends together with deep affection. As a result, the copying and expansion are extensive and the years are studied. It became famous one after another, and most of them were scattered. Isn't this the role of Gu Shao in the past dynasties?

Let’s try to explain the reason and briefly state the meaning. For example, "Le Yi Lun", "Huang Ting Jing", "Praise to Dongfang Shuo's Paintings", "Tai Shi Zhi", "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Collection", and "Oath", which have been passed down by the common people for generations, are also true and perfect. Writing "Le Yi" is full of emotions and depression. The book "Painting in Praise of Painting" is about strange things. "Huang Ting Jing" is full of joy and nothingness. "Tai Shi Zhi" is full of controversy. In the evening of the Orchid Pavilion, there is a gathering, and the spirit of thinking and relaxation is superb; when the private door is admonished and sworn, the emotions are restrained and the aspirations are miserable. It is said that when one is involved in music, one laughs; when one speaks of sorrow, one sighs. It's just that if you stop thinking about the waves, you will be disappointed. Chi Shen Sui Huan, Fang Si Zao painted the text. Although he has witnessed the existence of the Tao, he may still be confused by the wrong meaning, so he must force his name on the body and learn the divisions together. Unexpectedly, the euphemism is used to convey the meaning of coquettishness. Yang Shu and Yin Miserable are based on the heart of heaven and earth. Since he has lost his feelings, he is sensible and true; it was caused by his original husband, so he is in good health!

Although the method used by me is my own, the scale is set by me, and I believe it belongs to the present. One step short of success and one thousand miles lost. If you know the technique, you can do both. The heart never tires of finesse, and the hands never forget familiarity. If you use it with proficiency and keep the rules in mind, you will naturally tolerate hesitation. The meaning is written first and then the writing is free and flowing, and the writing is elegant and flying. It's like a sheep's heart that foresees the boundless; a cook's eyes can't see the whole cow. If something good happens, I will ask you to learn from it. I roughly summarized the outline and then taught it. I understood it with my heart and followed it with my hands, and forgot what I said. Even if I have not exhausted all the skills, I can definitely achieve the best.

If you understand regular rules, young people are not as good as old people; if you learn the rules, old people are not as good as young people. Thinking is old and more than masterful, learning is little but can be encouraged. There are three periods of restraint if you continue to encourage them; when they change, they are extremely divided.

Just like when you are just learning distribution, you should strive for fairness and justice; now that you know fairness and justice, pursue danger and danger; once you are able to avoid danger and danger, return to fairness and justice. In the beginning, it is said that it has not been reached, in the middle, it is passed, and in the later period, it is called Tonghui. At the time of the general meeting, everyone was old. Zhongni said: At fifty, you know your destiny; at seventy, you follow your heart. Therefore, in order to express the feelings of danger and danger, we can understand the way of adaptability. It’s also like planning and then acting, making sure your actions are appropriate, and speaking later, and your words must make sense.

Therefore, Youjun's book is so wonderful in the last years. When you are thoughtful and thorough, your ambitions are peaceful, neither exciting nor fierce, and the wind and regulations are far away. Now that Zijing has come down, everyone should work hard to mark the completion of the work. It's not just that the work is useless, it's also that the expression is hanging apart. Some people despise what they do, or they are jealous of their luck. Those who are proud of themselves will limit their sexual realm and avoid the temptation to enter; those who are self-contemptuous will still surrender their emotional horizons, and there must be a reason to understand. Alas! There are people who learn but are unable, but there are also those who are able without learning. If you examine the matter immediately, you will be able to tell clearly.

However, there are many sources of information and different temperaments. At first, it is hard and soft to form a body; suddenly, it is driven by work and rest; sometimes it is indifferent, with muscles and bones inside; sometimes it is frustrated, and the peaks are shining outside. Those who observe it are more refined, and those who imitate it are more noble. The situation cannot be simulated, and the observation cannot be accurate. The distribution is still sparse and the body shape has not been examined.

When you jump into a spring, you don't see its beauty; when you peek into a well, you hear its ugliness. As long as you want to offend Xi and Xian, and falsely accuse Zhong and Zhang, you can cover your eyes in the past and block the mouths of the future! People who admire Xi's teachings should especially be jealous of them.

Even if you don't understand Yanliu, you will pursue the strong disease. If it cannot be done quickly, the effect will be delayed and heavy; if it is done quickly, it will be an opportunity to escape. Those who stay late will be rewarded. I will go against the speed and achieve the beauty. Indulge yourself in the lateness, and the ultimate pleasure will be unparalleled. Whether you can do it quickly or not is the so-called flood and stay. Because it's too late, I'll give you a reward! If your husband has an idle mind and a sharp hand, it is difficult for him to do both.

If you want all the wonderful people to return home, be sure to preserve your bones and strength. The bones are already there, but they should be moisturized. It is also like a sparse branch, strengthened by the frost and snow, and the flowers and leaves are fresh and luxuriant, shining with the clouds and the sun. If the bones are stronger and the Qili cover is less, the dead branches are in danger and huge rocks are in the way. Although she is beautiful and beautiful, her physique is still there. If Qiuli is superior, the strength of character will be inferior, just like the husband's fragrant forest with fallen pistils, the sky is shining brightly and he has no one to rely on. Orchid marsh is floating in the water, just green and ridiculing? This means that it is easy to do partial work, but hard to find perfection.

Even if they come from a single family and become many bodies, they will all think of themselves as beautiful according to their sexual desires. Those who are upright will not be able to escape, those who are strong will be unable to gain strength, those who are reserved will suffer from restraint, those who are free from changes will lose their rules, those who are gentle will suffer from softness and slowness, those who are impatient and brave will be too forced, and those who are suspicious will indulge in stagnation. Astringent, those who are slow and heavy will eventually become dull, and those who are light and trivial will become common officials. These are all loners who like to play their own tricks.

"Book of Changes" says: "Observe astronomy to observe the changes of time; observe humanities to transform the world."

Kuang Shu's book is wonderful, and it can be taken from all the bodies. If the order is not used thoroughly, the work will still be lost in the secrets, but in the midst of waves, it has been dredged up on the spiritual platform. You must be able to understand the feelings of pointillism and study the principles from beginning to end.

The five materials are used together to cast insect seal script, pottery, Jun, grass and official script. The shape of the instrument is not very good, like eight tones repeated one after another, and the feeling is confused. If several paintings are applied together, their shapes will be different; all the points will be arranged in line, forming a body that is consistent with each other. One point becomes one word; one word is the final standard. Violate but not violate, be harmonious but not different. It is not always late to stay; it is not always sick to send away. If it is dry, it will be moist. If it is thick, it will be dry. Disregard the rules in the square and circle, and escape the straightness of the hook and rope. It appears at first and obscures at first, but it seems to be hidden; it is poor and perverted, yet it is in harmony with the mood on the paper. The mind is always on the hand, and the regular rules are forgotten.

You can carry Xi and offer without missing anything, and you can defy bells and Zhang and still work well. For example, the crimson tree and the green harp have different shapes and are beautiful together; the pearls and the jade are all different and beautiful. Why carve a crane and a dragon, when the real body is exposed? When you catch a fish or a rabbit, it is like a hooves. When I heard that my husband's family has the appearance of Nanwei, we can discuss it with Shuyuan; if it has the advantage of Longquan, we can discuss cutting it off. To speak too much is to tire the cardinal.

I have tried my best to write a book, saying that it is a good match, and I am often called the person who knows it, and I often give guidance. Some of them are beautiful and beautiful, but I have not noticed them; some mistakes have been made, and I have been criticized for them. If you don't understand what you see, you should also understand what you heard. Or one may be proud of his seniority and his position, which may lead to insults. I faked it with Xiang Ping and inscribed it with ancient eyes. Then the wise men change their views, and the foolish men continue to speak up. They compete to appreciate the wonders of the rich and the poor, and rarely talk about the mistakes at the top. Just like Huihou's fondness for hypocrisy, just like Ye Gong's fear of truth. It is known that there is a reason for the fluctuation of brother's breath.

My husband, Cai Yong, did not erroneously reward, and Sun Yang did not care rashly. He was proficient in mystical knowledge, so he was not stagnant in his ears and eyes. If the sound of Xiangshi's crocodile is in Cuan, anyone who hears it will be surprised by its wonderful sound; if he is at ease in Fufeng, and all knowledge knows that it is unique, then Bo Cui is not worthy of being called Bo Le, and Bo Le is not worthy of praise.

To the extent that when an old lady encounters a fan, she resents it at first and then asks for it; when a disciple gets a book machine, the father cuts it off and the son gets annoyed, knowing and not knowing. It is strange that a gentleman submits to not knowing oneself, but submits to knowing oneself, and he does not know oneself! Therefore, Zhuangzi said: "The morning bacteria don't know Hui Shuo, and the worms don't know Spring and Autumn." Laozi said: "When the corporal hears the Tao, he laughs; if he doesn't laugh, he is not enough to follow the Tao." How can you blame summer insects for holding ice!

Since the Han and Wei dynasties, there have been many commentators on the book, with mixed opinions and disputes over the entries. Or retelling the old chapter, it is no different from the past. Or if you try to promote new ideas, it will not be beneficial to the future. The disciples make what is complicated become more complicated, and what is missing remains missing. This is a compilation of six chapters divided into two volumes. The first one is called "Shu Pu". The concubine's family was a backward one, and he was entrusted with the scale. A friend from all over the world may be a wise friend. The purpose of keeping it secret is unavailable.

    Chui Gong’s three-year diary


If we talk about people who have written well since ancient times, Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi in the Han and Wei dynasties are the most outstanding; the father and son Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi in the late Jin Dynasty are amazing. Wang Xizhi said: "Recently, after studying the calligraphy of various famous writers, I believe that the calligraphy of Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi are the best. The calligraphy of the rest are not worthy of appreciation." It can be said that after the death of Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi, Then came Wang Xizhi and Wang Xianzhi.

Wang Xizhi once said: "Compared with Zhong Yao's and Zhang Zhi's calligraphy, my calligraphy rivals Zhong Yao's, or it can be said that it surpasses him. Compared with Zhang Zhi's cursive script, it is like flying geese juxtaposed. They are evenly matched. However, Zhang Zhi is proficient and proficient. During his calligraphy practice, the pool once turned black due to washing brushes and inkstones, which shows the depth of his efforts. If I am as willing to work hard as he is, I may not be slightly inferior to him. .”

This is what Wang Xizhi meant by recommending Zhang Zhi but consciously surpassing Zhong Yao. Looking at the calligraphy expertise of Wang Xizhi and his son, although they did not completely follow the rules of their predecessors, they were able to draw on the strengths of others and master various calligraphy styles, so they were worthy of the so-called art of calligraphy.

Someone commented: The calligraphy achievements of these four sages are extraordinary and outstanding, both in ancient times and today. As far as calligraphy is concerned, today's calligraphy is not as good as in ancient times. In ancient times, simplicity was emphasized, while today's calligraphy is focused on beauty.

The so-called simplicity has different understandings in each era, and there are different types of fashion. The standard of good-looking or not also changes due to the different perspectives of the world. Calligraphy works such as documents and contracts only record language in a timely manner. But just like when pure wine is adulterated, its properties and appearance will change in various ways; a duck will always look the same when it runs, and this is all due to the common sense of things. The most valuable thing about calligraphy works is that they have ancient meanings but do not violate fashion - fashion does not equate to current trends. As the saying goes, "You must first be gentle, and then you can be considered a gentleman." Therefore, it really makes no sense to live in a cave instead of a palace; it makes no sense to abandon mature techniques and return to the primitive.

(Note: Vertebra wheel, a spokeless wheel, is a metaphor for the creation of things. Wheel, a crossbar tied to the shaft of a cart for people to pull. Xiao Tong's "Preface to Selected Works": "Ruofu's vertebra wheel is the beginning of the big wheel, and the big wheel has Ning The quality of the vertebrae.")

The commentator also said: "Xianzhi's calligraphy is not as good as Xi Zhi's, just as Xi Zhi's is not as good as Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi." The implication is that he has touched the key to the problem, but he did not elaborate on the root cause. Zhong Yao specializes in official script, while Zhang Zhi specializes in cursive script. Wang Xizhi has the best of both. Compared with the other two, in addition to cursive script, Wang Xizhi also had Zhang Zhi's regular script; in addition to regular script, he also had Zhong Yao's cursive script. In terms of specialized work, although he was slightly inferior, Wang Xizhi had many advantages by drawing on the strengths of various schools. All in all, it can only be said that there are pros and cons to each other.

Xie An, a native of Jin who was always good at writing letters, despised Wang Xianzhi's handwriting. Wang Xianzhi once gave a very well-written calligraphy to Xie An, thinking that Xie An would definitely collect it and keep it. Unexpectedly, after reading it, Xie Any casually wrote a reply on the back and returned it. This incident made Dao Xianzhi extremely unhappy.

Xie An once asked Wang Xianzhi: "How does your handwriting compare with that of your father?"

Xianzhi replied: "It should be better than his calligraphy."

Xie An said: "Others' comments are different from what you said."

Xianzhi replied: "How can ordinary people understand?"

Wang Xianzhi's strong words made Xie An speechless for a while. But he claims that his calligraphy is better than that of his father, which is too much. Moreover, in order for a person to establish himself in the world and become famous in the world, he must have corresponding conduct and performance in order to be distinguished and noble. For example, the sage Zeng Shen, when he saw the name of the alley "Sheng Mu", he disapproved and refused to enter.

Wang Xianzhi's calligraphy is very good and he inherited some of his father Wang Xizhi's brushwork. Although the technical rules are roughly taught, I'm afraid I haven't learned them all yet. In addition, he actually pretended to be a god and taught him calligraphy skills, but was ashamed to respect the family's academic standards. With such a consciousness, how could he possibly surpass the learning effect of learning calligraphy by imagining it in front of a wall?

Later, Wang Xizhi went to Kyoto for something, and before leaving, he wrote an inscription on the wall. After he left, Xianzhi quietly erased the words, and then inscribed them on the original place. After finishing the inscription, he felt that the writing was good. After Xizhi came back, when he saw the words on the wall again, he couldn't help but sigh and said: "I was really drunk on the day I left." Xianzhi felt very ashamed when he heard what his father said. It can be imagined from this that the difference between Wang Xizhi's calligraphy and Zhong Yao's and Zhang Zhi's calligraphy is only professionalism and broad knowledge. But Wang Xianzhi's calligraphy is not as good as Wang Xizhi's. Then there may be no doubt.

When I was determined to learn calligraphy, I paid attention to calligraphy practice, carefully understood the essence of Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi's calligraphy, and carefully absorbed the calligraphy rules of the "two kings". I tried my best to hope that I could be specialized and proficient in my work. This process of hard work lasted for more than twenty-four years. Although I have never stopped studying in the pond, I still don't have the ability to penetrate deep into the wood. Seeing other people's strokes is like the posture of a hanging needle, the wonderful image of dewdrops drooping, and the strange and dangerous danger of thunder and falling rocks. Birds flying and beasts look frightened, phoenixes dancing and snakes frightened. The situation of the cliff and the crumbling peaks, the situation of being withered in the face of danger, the kind of crisis that is about to happen. If it is severe, it may be like the sky collapsing and the clouds are splitting. If it is light, it may be like the thin wings of an autumn cicada. The smooth strokes are like spring water, and the steady strokes are like mountains. The slender lines look like the first lunar month rising from the sky; the thick strokes look like the bright stars in the Milky Way. Just like the mystery of nature, it seems that it cannot be written by human beings. This should be said that his wisdom and dexterity are both excellent, and his heart and hands are equally skilled and smooth. Therefore, the writing can be done without missing a beat, and every stroke must have its basis. Within one stroke, the changes and ups and downs are shown at the end of the stroke; within one point, all the damage and frustration are at the end of the stroke. It is said that only after you have a solid foundation in dotting and dashing can you write good calligraphy. If you don't learn from the ancient writings and calligraphy, you insist on practicing hard and cherishing every inch of time; if you use Ban Chao to write and join the army as an excuse to be lazy, you will be complacent compared to Xiang Yu, a warrior who doesn't write. Just do it with a letter, regardless of the font; accumulate ink to form, and don't care about the rules. I feel confused and don't know which method to imitate; my technique is confused and I don't know how to use the pen. In this way, it is ridiculous to want to be able to write good calligraphy.

However, in order for a gentleman to establish himself, he must devote himself to his own cultivation. Yang Xiong said: "Poetry is a small thing, and people with great ambitions will not focus on it." What's more, people who are obsessed with the fineness of pens and devote all their energy to practicing calligraphy. Those who concentrate on playing chess can still boast and secure the reputation of "hermits"; those who are willing to devote themselves to fishing can also embody the ambition of "keeping a low profile". But compared with those who formulate rituals and music to establish fame and be as happy as gods, they are like Xian, although they are endlessly changing, they are like workshops and kilns, only working and sharing the same fate.

(Note: The clay is put into a mold and fired into pottery. "Laozi": "The clay is used as a utensil; when it is not there, it is used as a utensil.")

People who like strange things and admire spectacles can play with the postures of fonts and create many changes; those who are good at exploring the subtleties of the foundation can explore the deep mysteries, so they can innovate and innovate. Those who write books will inevitably rely on some useless things to fill their content, but those who know how to screen will only absorb the essence. The meanings and principles of the classics have all flowed back to the origin, and one principle is understood and all principles are integrated. This principle can be understood by those who firmly believe in good moral conduct and comprehensive talents. How can it be futile to discard the dross and retain and appreciate the essence?

The scholar-bureaucrats in the Eastern Jin Dynasty influenced and influenced each other. Although the calligraphy skills of wealthy people such as Wang and Xie, as well as characters such as Qie and Yu, did not reach a magical level, they still absorbed the style and flavor of that era. The further away from the Jin Dynasty, the more the art of calligraphy declines. At that time, people knew that they had doubts, but they still praised what they had doubts. What they had learned was only the smallest technique, but they should be fully equipped to follow the great path.

Ancient times and the present are objectively isolated, and questioning is impossible. Even if some people may have some technical understanding, they keep silent about it and keep it as a secret. As a result, scholars are at a loss, at a loss as to what to do, and have no idea. I have seen successful people write beautiful words, but I don’t know why they write so well.

Some people may have spent years trying to figure out the rules, but they are still far from satisfactory. Those who practice regular script are ignorant of the essentials, and those who practice cursive script are confused. Even those who can barely do cursive writing, or have roughly learned some official calligraphy techniques, often fall into bias and block the way to master the rules of techniques. Little do they know that the heart, hands, mind and energy are connected, just like the divergence of the same source. Could it be that the method of knowing the mind and hands is like the branches of a tree?

When it comes to adaptability and suitability for the occasion, running script is the most important; for inscriptions on steles and plaques, regular script is the first choice. A piece of cursive script cannot be written in regular script at the same time. The problem is that regular script is too neat and rigid. Regular script is not as good as cursive script, except for writing special handwriting characters called "Hanzha" in ancient times. When writing "Hanzha", the dots and dashes in regular script are originally used as the essence of the body, and they are transformed into expressing emotions; the dots and dashes in cursive script are originally used to express emotions, and they are transformed into the essence of the body. If the strokes of cursive script are wrong, the writing will be impossible; if the regular script is missing dots and strokes, it can still record the words. Although the writing methods of the two calligraphy styles are different, they are still generally related to each other. Therefore, those who study calligraphy should also study large and small seal characters, and understand the eight-point calligraphy style; including composition, Han Yong, Fei Bai, etc. If you are not clear at all about these, it will undoubtedly be like the customs of the Hu people in the north and the Yue people in the south. Of course, they are very different.

Zhong Yao's official calligraphy is extraordinary, and Zhang Zhi's is a grass sage. This is all because they specialize in one style of calligraphy, so they can reach the supreme realm. Zhang Zhi is not good at regular script, so his cursive calligraphy is a bit messy when looked at alone; Zhong Yao is not good at cursive script, with horizontal and vertical turns, and the strokes rise and fall naturally, without flying. Since it is impossible to master both calligraphy styles, it is beyond its capabilities. Other writing techniques cannot be used because they are not what he specializes in.

Various calligraphy styles including seal script, official script, cursive script, and seal script have many changes in their functions and uses, and each has its own suitability if it can be carried forward on the basis of predecessors (Ji Cheng Jue Mei). Seal script advocates elegance and roundness; if official script is to be precise, it must be tightly written; cursive script is valued for its boldness and smoothness; and chapter cursive script strives for simplicity and convenience. All styles are the same, they must be given a rigorous style and awe-inspiring charm; in addition, they must also strive to make the writing appear gentle and beautiful. Then use dry ink to add vitality; you must also use soft lines to express a leisurely and elegant artistic conception. By achieving the above points, calligraphy works can understand people's temperament, shape joy, anger, sorrow, and joy, and reflect the different solar terms of dryness or moisture. These methods remain unchanged throughout the ages and are the most sincere principles. As we age, our calligraphy also becomes more mature and majestic. It is different from other times. Those who practice calligraphy can easily live a long life, reaching a hundred years old, as if in just a short time. Haha, if you don't practice calligraphy , how can you know the secrets of it!
When writing at the same time, some words are uncoordinated and some are satisfactory. Being harmonious means being harmonious, so it looks good; being good means being incoordinated. If it is not coordinated, it will appear withered and scattered, which makes it unsightly . In short, there are five reasons for coordination or failure. The first reason for writing words in a coordinated manner is that you feel happy and have free time. The second reason: the heart is grateful for the kindness of others, or is partial to close friends. The third reason: the time is suitable and the solar terms are moist. The fourth reason: Paper and ink induce book addiction. The fifth reason: Occasionally, I become addicted to books, and I naturally want to write. The The first reason why the writing is incoherent is because of fear, embarrassment, or being involved in worldly affairs. The second reason for the word "Guai": going against one's own will and being forced by the situation. The third reason for the word " guai": the scorching sun and strong wind make the weather annoying. The fourth reason why the calligraphy is bad: the paper and ink are rough and not easy to use. The fifth reason for the word "guai": the expression is tired and the hands feel weak.

There is a clear difference between the advantages and disadvantages of coordination or not. I think it's better to have the right equipment when you have the right time, and it's better to have the right equipment than to be complacent. If the five reasons that cause the writing confused to be incoherent come together, the thinking will be blocked, the gestures will be blocked, and the writing will become a mess. But if the five reasons that can harmonize what is written also come together, the expressions will blend and the strokes will be smooth. Of course, there is nothing wrong with being smooth, but being ignorant can make people feel at a loss as to what to do.

There are famous calligraphers at that time who are always so proud that they forget to say anything and rarely talk about the key points of calligraphy. People who want to learn calligraphy often admire the calligrapher's reputation and feel that the calligrapher's words are very subtle, even though the calligrapher's words are only simple and rough things. As a result, time and energy are wasted, but no useful knowledge is learned. In view of this, I will write down what I know without making any assumptions. Through this, I hope to carry forward the calligraphy style and rules of the predecessors to guide the talents and knowledge of later scholars. Eliminate the complicated and redundant, and describe it as simply as possible, so that people can easily understand it.

The seven-line "Brush Formation Picture" circulating nowadays contains three gestures for holding a pen. The image is clumsy and has errors, and there are many errors in the dots and dashes of the brushwork. Recently, it has been spread all over the north and south. It is suspected to be written by Wang Xizhi. Although the authenticity is not known in detail, it can be used to inspire beginners. Since this volume has been collected by the general public, it will no longer be included here. As for the commentaries on writing styles made by various scholars in the past, most of them are flashy, specious and general remarks. In addition, we always only comment on the shape of characters on the surface, but cannot tell the inner truth. Therefore , the article I am writing now is not based on his explanation.

Another example is the Shiyiguan of the Eastern Han Dynasty. Although he had a very high reputation, he only had a false name in the history books. Handan Chun, who was also a native of the Eastern Han Dynasty, was also a model calligrapher of the generation, but his name was only on the books. After Cui Yuan and Du Du in the Han Dynasty, and before Xiao Ziyun and Yang Xin, there were many famous calligraphers during the long period. Some of them, who were not very good at the time, became famous after their death; there are also some people who clung to the powerful and were praised by others during their lifetime. After their death, their writings and fame also gradually declined. In addition, there are also some calligraphy works that have been lost due to erosion or insect infestation. All the secret books remaining in the world have been searched and purchased. Those who obtain it by chance also hide themselves to appreciate it, which is rarely seen by others at that time. In addition , the good and bad are mixed together, so it is difficult to identify them in detail. There are works that were already famous at that time and whose remains are still extant today, but there is no need for contemporaries to comment on them, because the good and bad of these works have already been distinguished.

The writings about the "Six Books" originated from the time of Emperor Xuanyuan and the rise of the "Eight-Biography" began from the time of Emperor Qin Yingzheng. Both have a long history and have been promoted in the process of use. However , things are different in ancient times and today. The aesthetic views of good-looking and simple are also very different. Since that's not what I studied, I won't talk about it.

There are also fonts created based on the shapes of dragons, snakes, clouds, dew, as well as the shapes of turtles, cranes, flowers and plants, etc. They are just primitive, simple and straightforward hieroglyphs, or they were created to describe "auspiciousness" at that time. . Although that kind of font has deft strokes and looks like a picture, it lacks the technical specifications of writing. This is a different kind of regular style, not something I am familiar with.

The ten chapters of Wang Xizhi's "On Yu Zijing's Writing Style" circulated in the world have vulgar writing, omissions in theory, wrong ideas, and poor language. A closer look at the purpose and interest of the work will make it clear that this was definitely not Wang Xizhi's work. Because Wang Xizhi not only had a high official position, but was also rich in knowledge and talent. His articles have a fresh style and elegant diction; coupled with his high reputation, he is different from the secular world. The ink written by Xi's hand still remains in the world today. Watch him write a letter and narrate a matter. Even if he is in a hurry, he can still follow the ancient precepts without losing his elegance. How could such a person teach his son that all the principles he taught were fake (Michiha Yoshikata), and the rules and regulations suddenly disappeared. All in all, no matter what, it can't be this bad. He also said that he and Zhang Zhi were classmates, which seemed even more absurd and false. If it refers to Zhang Zhi in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, then the era is completely different; that is to say, there must be another Zhang Zhi with the same name and surname in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, but why is there no record in the history books? This book is neither a rule of law nor a standard of scripture, and should be discarded. 

What a person understands and understands in his heart is often difficult to fully express in words; and things that can be described clearly in language are still difficult to record with pen and ink. I can only briefly state the outline; I hope you will consider the subtleties and understand the beauty of it. Anything that is not detailed yet will be added in the future.

Now I will explain the noun principles of "stick", "make", "use" and "turn" to help those who don't understand yet. "Zhi" refers to the depth of ink used and the length of strokes. "Shi" refers to the horizontal and vertical restraint of the strokes, and "turn" refers to the twists and turns of the strokes. "Use" refers to the direction of pointing and drawing. All the above techniques must be mastered before they can be put into practical use.

After studying the strengths of various schools, synthesizing the subtleties of each school, pointing out the areas where the predecessors failed, and opening up the correct way to write the rules, it will be convenient for those who want to learn. Explore the roots of techniques and analyze the various schools derived from them. I think the importance of writing an article is to be concise, but also to explain the truth clearly, and it is clear and easy to understand, easy to understand, and clear to the heart. Readers will understand after reading it. So when writing, there will be no worries, and the writing will be smooth and without any hesitation. As for some strange talks, strange words and theories, I am not familiar with them, and they are not what this article intends to describe. What I have said so far will be done as much as possible, which will be beneficial to those who study calligraphy.

Wang Youjun's calligraphy has been praised by many people throughout the ages, and there are many people who practice it. Wang Xizhi is really a good master craftsman with superb skills and is highly regarded by everyone. His calligraphy not only connects the past and present, but also has a very high style and elegant interest. Everything he writes is filled with emotion, and his writing style is harmonious every time. As a result, more and more people are copying his calligraphy. It can be said that the number of people studying Wang Youjun's calligraphy is increasing every year. Most of the works of many famous calligraphers before or after Youjun have been lost. Throughout the ages, Wei Youjun's writings have been handed down. Doesn't this also prove that his works are very good and therefore very vital?

Let’s talk about the reasons and briefly describe some opinions. Moreover, texts such as "Le Yi Lun", "Huang Ting Jing", "Praise to Dongfang Shuo's Paintings", "Tai Shi Zhi", "Preface to the Orchid Pavilion Anthology", "Oath", etc. are all circulated by people in the secular world, and are all written in regular script and running script. The best model, it can be called the best. When Xizhi wrote "Le Yi Lun", he was in a very unhappy mood and was extremely depressed. When I wrote "Ode to Dongfang Shuo's Paintings", I was referring to the magnificent wonderland. When I wrote "Huang Ting Jing", my spirit was joyful and full of joy; I felt as if I had transcended the world, my heart was calm and I no longer had any worries. When I was writing "The Supreme Master's Admonitions", I felt that the world was full of twists and turns, my emotions were agitated, and it was hard to find peace of mind. At the Lanting Gathering, he took advantage of the excitement to write the preface. At that time, Xizhi was broad-minded and had a transcendent emotion. On the other hand, since he had already privately vowed not to return to serve as an official, it was inevitable that he would feel a little sad because of his emotional difficulties. As the saying goes, people must be happy to laugh; when talking about sad things, they often sigh without saying a word. How could he only be thinking about the flowing water and the gentle music of the harp in his mind at this time? Only when your mind is racing can you be inspired and write a good and picturesque article. Although I have realized a certain truth with my eyes, I am still afraid that something may be wrong, so I do not reluctantly give the article a title, nor do I attribute it to any genre. Unexpectedly, the movement is reflected in words, which coincides with the profound artistic conception of "The Book of Songs" and "Li Sao". Yang is relaxed and Yin is bleak. This is the law of creation of all things in the world. Since a person is frustrated and hurt, the principles he adheres to at that time are inevitably wrong; it turns out that it is the result of emotions, so what he writes at this time has no genre at all!

Although the method of writing is up to you to master, the layout of the entire composition is indeed the key that must be grasped. The so-called difference is a thousand miles. If you understand the secret, you can connect all the methods. The more careful you are when writing, the better, and the more skillful your writing skills are, the better. If you have reached a proficient level in using the techniques, then the rules will be as if they have been hidden in your mind, and you will be able to write naturally and calmly, without any hesitation or hesitation. When writing, the intention comes first, the meaning of the writing can be free and flowing, the gestures of the writing can be full of energy, and the written words will appear elegant and elegant. Just like Sang Hongyang's careful mind in financial management, he can budget for any aspect; and it's like the chef Ding who sees the cow does not see the whole cow, but only pieces of beef with bones attached. A calligraphy enthusiast once asked me for advice. I first briefly explained the essentials, and then taught him practical techniques. Not only did he understand it by heart, but he also had great experience in writing. There were some details that I forgot to mention, but he also gained a lot from understanding them. Even if it takes a while, it is still impossible to fully appreciate the strengths of each family, but he has fully learned what he wants to learn.

If you want to master the rules of regular script, young people are not as good as old people; but if you want to learn the rules from scratch, old people are not as good as young people. Because thinking such as research and exploration is beyond the ability of old people, while learning new knowledge gives young people an advantage. Young people need to be encouraged to study hard before they can make progress. Moreover, it must go through three stages, and each stage will produce obvious changes. Whether or not his calligraphy skills can reach a very high level in the end depends on his talent.

As for those who are just beginning to learn calligraphy, they only want their handwriting to be stable and square; when they are able to make it straight, they should pursue dangerous strokes; when they have mastered the dangerous strokes, they will pursue the straightness again. In the early stage, it was not fair. In the middle stage, it was more than fair due to the pursuit of danger. In the later stage, it has been integrated. By the time of mastery, people will be old and books will be mature. Confucius said: When a person reaches the age of fifty, he will know his destiny; when he reaches the age of seventy, he will follow his heart. Therefore, through the dangerous process of writing, you can already understand the principle of expediency and adaptability. This is like what the Art of War says: plan and then act. When you reach the level where it is appropriate to move, and then you can speak, then everything you say will definitely make sense.

Therefore, most of Wang Xizhi's exquisite calligraphy works were produced in his later years. The reason is that in old age, people's thinking is prudent and thorough, their ambitions are peaceful, neither extreme nor harsh, so their demeanor has a profound influence. After Wang Xianzhi, calligraphers often worked hard to create new styles due to lack of skill. Not only is his skill inferior to that of his predecessors, but the spirit and interest of his works are also very different. Some people may despise their own ink marks, while others may boast about their writings. A person who boasts will find it difficult to make progress because of this, because he already lacks the motivation to move forward; a person who thinks he can't do it will inevitably be unwilling because the goal has not yet been achieved, so he still has the opportunity to make progress. Alas, there are only people in the world who fail to learn, but there are no people who can do it without learning! You should be able to understand this truth by observing the study of books.

However, calligraphy styles change a lot, and people's temperaments are also different. Some people write books with hard strokes and soft strokes to form characters, as if they are working hard and lazily, as if they were two people. Some people's characters have a calm shape, no one is the same (discuss the content), and the characters contain muscles and bones; some people's strokes are like chopped tree roots, with twists and turns and sharp edges. Viewers value sophistication, while calligraphers value resemblance. Sometimes, the calligraphers' writings are not similar, and the viewers do not know how to appreciate them. Some people's writings are loosely distributed and the knots are not standardized.

The shape of a fish jumping out of the water is beautiful even before you see it; seeing a frog in a well will make you look ugly first. Even if you want to disparage Xizhi and Xianzhi, and slander Zhong Yao and Zhang Zhi, how can you cover the eyes of the ancients or the mouths of future generations! Those who admire and study calligraphy should be cautious about criticizing it.

As for those who don't know how to use the pen to stay, they only pursue strong speed one-sidedly. You should know that you cannot move the pen quickly, but it will have the effect of being slow and heavy; fast brushwork is the key to detachment and elegance. The late strokes have a knowing and pleasing mood and elegance. Reversing the slowness of the brushwork is a way to bring together all the beauties. If you can only write slowly and slowly, you will eventually lose the wonderful feeling of smooth and superb writing and refreshing writing. Being able to do it quickly or not is what is called Yanliu. It is late in itself, but it has to be late, so how can it be said that it is understanding and pleasing to the heart! If you don't have a peaceful mind and skillful techniques, it's really difficult to do both.

If you can make all the wonderful things come home, you must preserve the character's backbone; if you have backbone, you still need to match the strong and rounded brushwork. This is like a lush tree. It must have branches and leaves that are swaying in order to be able to withstand the frost and snow and show its strength, so that the leaves can be lush and the flowers can complement the clouds and the sun. If the character's bone strength is too high, it will be like a big tree with sparse branches and leaves (with few Qili cover); it will be like a dead branch standing in a dangerous place, or a huge boulder blocking the road. Although it doesn’t look good, the entity is still there. If Qiuli is superior, that is, the font pursues charm and elegance, the backbone will appear insufficient, just like the stamens of a fallen flower, which are beautiful but have no attachment. The orchids in the swamp and the duckweed in the water are all green but lack foundation and sustenance. It can be seen from this that it is relatively easy to learn calligraphy and specialize in one type of calligraphy, but it is very difficult to develop comprehensive techniques.

Although calligraphy is taught by the same family, it will still evolve into a variety of calligraphy styles. It depends on personality and each person's preferences, resulting in a variety of different styles of calligraphy. A person with an upright character will have strong and straight writing style, but lack elegance; a person with a strong character will have a straight and straight writing style but lacks roundness; a reserved person will have the disadvantage of being too restrained in using the pen; a slippery person will not follow the rules; a gentle person will have a gentle temperament. The common problem of a person with a bad temper is that his writing is weak and his writing is slow; if he has an impatient temper, his writing will be careless; if he is suspicious by nature, his writing will inevitably be slow and jerky; if he is slow and clumsy, his writing will inevitably be as slow as that of a lame person; Those who are frivolous and trivial will learn the style of writing like those of lay officials. All of the above are people with unique personalities, and they all deviate from the norm by being partial to one type.

"Book of Changes" says: "Look up at the astronomy to observe the changes in the four seasons; understand human culture and use it to educate the world."

What's more, the beauty of calligraphy is that the method is closely related to people themselves and is not difficult to understand. If the brushwork has not been used properly and the study of the secrets has not been done enough, then through repeated practice, the mind and inspiration will be stimulated. You must also be able to bypass the changing patterns of dots and dashes and fully grasp all legal rules.

Forge the five types of Chongzhuan, Tao, Jun, Cao, and official scripts in one furnace, remove the waste and retain the essence, and turn it into your own use. Therefore, the manner or image of calligraphy can be changed endlessly, just like the eight tones are used as music, which makes people feel and comprehend it, making them feel graceful and graceful. If you can write several strokes at the same time, with different shapes; if you line up several strokes together, there will be no similarities. One point is the model of one word; one word is the benchmark of the whole article. It does not follow the rules but does not violate the rules. It is coordinated but not similar or overlapping. Maintain momentum without sluggishness; write quickly without showing slippage. There is still warmth and moisture in the dryness, and the ink is fat and dry, from thick to light. Within the circle, there are no rules, no hooks and ropes, and the right and wrong are still in harmony. The brushstrokes appear and disappear, the brush strokes move and hide; the shapes of the ends of the brush change endlessly, and the calligrapher's emotion is poured into the paper. The heart and hands correspond, and the movements are free. There are no rules in the mind, and the hands are free to do it, and it is also within the rules.

At this point, I don't have to follow the rules of the two kings, and I am foolproof; I don't have to practice hard like Zhong and Zhang, but I still have great results. Just like mangroves and green harps, their colors are different but both are bright and bright; just like Suizhu and He's jade, although their textures are different, each is of great value. Why bother to carve cranes and draw dragons, because distortion is inevitable; after catching fish and hunting rabbits, you still have to spare the utensils. I heard that only those with the beauty of Nanwei can comment on the beauty of women; only those with the Longquan sword are qualified to comment on the sharpness of the sword. This is too much to say. Sincerity will affect people's psychology, causing them to easily dare not speak out when something happens.

I used to put all my effort into writing, and I thought I was very good at it. At that time, people called me Huijia and used me as a reference at every turn. I don't pay much attention to the exquisite and beautiful works I have written; I am worried that I may make mistakes, and I don't want to be praised and praised. When faced with the works they see, they cannot distinguish the good from the bad, and they especially believe in rumors. Some people rely on their age and high position, so they criticize and ridicule lightly. So, I tried to be mysterious and intentionally fake. I framed the work in silk and then inscribed it with the name of an ancient person. As a result, those so-called knowledgeable people changed their views after seeing it. The common people who did not understand calligraphy naturally echoed the call and praised the wonder of the pen. Few people pointed out the mistakes in writing. Just like Huihou loves fakes, just like Ye Gong is afraid of real dragons. Then, I really realized that Boya had a reason for breaking the string and no longer playing the piano.

In the past, Cai Yong would not misjudge the piano material, and Bole would not misjudge Gu Fanma. That is because they are both good at appreciating and identifying, and it cannot be hidden from their ears and eyes. If a good musical instrument is burned, even mediocre people will understand that the sound it produces is a wonderful sound, and they will be amazed by it; when a thousand-mile horse lies in a stable, even a foolish person will be able to tell that it is a thousand -mile horse different from other horses. , then Cai Yong does not need to be praised, and Bole is not worthy of praise.

As for the story of the old woman selling fans, when Wang Xizhi inscribed something for her, she complained at first, but then she asked again; a disciple was lucky enough to have Wang Xizhi write an inscription on his fan, but his father actually wrote it on his fan. Scratched off, much to my son's chagrin. This is the difference between knowing calligraphy and not knowing calligraphy. There is a big difference between father and son. Another example is that a scholar will be wronged because of people who don't understand him; he will be redressed because of people who understand him. The other party doesn't know, so how can you blame him? Therefore, Zhuangzi said: "The fungi that are born in the morning and die as soon as the sun rises, how can they know that there is still night; the crickets that are born in summer and die in autumn, how can they know that a year is divided into four seasons." Laozi said: "Ignorant people listen to When you are preaching, laugh loudly; if you don't laugh, it's not worth speaking to him." How can you take the ice and snow and blame the summer bugs for not knowing the cold!
Since the Han and Wei dynasties, many people have discussed calligraphy, and the good and the bad are mixed and the articles are confusing. Others may pick up on others' wisdom and repeat their opinions, but there is no difference between them and the old opinions in the past. Or rashly creating new interpretations will certainly not be beneficial to the future. But it is in vain that those who have many will become more numerous, and those who are lacking will remain without. Now I have written six articles, divided into two volumes, discussing various functions in turn, titled: "Book Book". I am fortunate enough to be a member of a backward family, and I would like to dedicate this to you. I hope to have friends from all over the world, either to collect them or to chat with them for reference. It's all because I know something, but I keep silent about it. I do it secretly and privately, and I sincerely dare not take it.

 Written in the third year of Chui Gong (AD 687).