Zhang Yuzhao, whose name is Fanghou and Lianliao, is named Lianting, from Zhang Village, Longtang, Donggou Town, Wuchang, Hubei. Daoguang Juren, official cabinet Zhongshu, calendar master Jiangning, Baoding and other academies. Famous calligraphers, scholars and poets in the late Qing Dynasty in my country. Its calligraphy has a unique style, and the fusion of the north and the south are pasted in a furnace, and the style is unique. Zhang Yuzhao's talents are different since he was a child. When he was adolescent, he devoted himself to studying ancient Tang and Song dynasties and history, and so on. Later, he traveled under Zeng Guofan's school, and was collectively referred to as the "Four Bachelors of Zengmen" with Li Shuchang, Xue Fucheng, Wu Rulun and others. Zhang Yuzhao is very accomplished in calligraphy art, which originated from the Wei and Jin Dynasties, and was born in the Tang Dynasty. Ji Gang is soft and handsome at the end, creating a unique calligraphy with an inner circle and an outer square, dense and dense. It has the characteristics of being strong, majestic and strong. Kang Youwei once commented and praised in the "Guangyizhou Shuangxiu (广艺舟双楫)": "Hubei Zhang Yuzhao, his book is ancient and muddy, pointillist turning, all traces, and the mood is very special. His charm is all in the Jin and Song dynasties. The true ability to retort from the Jin Dynasty to the Wei Dynasty, conceived the Song and Liang and nurtured the Qi and Sui Dynasty, has been unparalleled for thousands of years. "I got the book, I tried to use the ink to move the pen. The middle pen must be folded, the outer ink must be connected, the turning must be ticked, the square is the circle, the fall must be implicit, and the circle is the square; therefore, the sharp pen must be kept, for the increase The brush is solid and clean, which is a great comprehension of the brushwork." Zhang has his own unique and outstanding methods in brush movement, finger turning, ink use, and water use. Run the pen with the center, full of ink and light, restrained in spirit. "The strokes are oblique as the right, the body is like a round and solid square, and the manuscripts that rush down the pen are even more unintentional for the square to be round and the square is comfortable." (Chen Fangji's "Main Features of Zhang Yuzhao's Calligraphy Art (张裕钊书法艺术的主要特征)") Therefore, Zhang Taiyan was amazed by it: "Mr. He is a treasure of the world, and this is really like a pearl of Dendrobium.