A multi-edition copy of the "Huang Ting Jing (黄庭经)" in small letters by Wang Xizhi

    "Huang Ting Jing", Wang Xi's book, lower case, one hundred lines. Originally it was Huangsu silk, but it was engraved on stone in Song Dynasty, and rubbings are circulated. This post is extremely strict in law, and its spirit is also relaxed, with the attitude of being beautiful and enlightening. Regarding the Huang Ting Jing, there is a legend: There was a scholar in Shanyin who wanted to win Wang Xizhi's calligraphy. Knowing that he loved geese, he specially prepared a cage of fat and big white geese as a reward for writing the scriptures. When Wang Xizhi saw that the goose was pleased to write a scripture for the Taoist priest for a long time, he was happy to "cage the goose home." The original text was published in the Southern Dynasties "Lun Shu Biao", which states that Wang Xizhi's books are the "Tao" and "De" scriptures. After repeated transmission, it became "Huang Ting Jing".

   Therefore, the "Huang Ting Jing", also commonly known as "Huan Go Tie", has no money, and the last is "Yonghe Twelve Years (356) May". Now only a copy of later generations is left.

   "Huang Ting Jing" is an important classic of the Shang Qing sect of Taoism, and it is also regarded as the main classic of the inner alchemy practice by the inner alchemy family, belonging to the Dongxuan department. There are currently three types of "Huang Ting Jing", "Huang Ting Jade Jing", "Huang Ting Jade Jing", and "Huang Ting Zhong Jing Jade Jing". Because the Yellow Ting Jing was published late in the Appreciation and Analysis of Huang Ting Jing (5 photos), the book can be temporarily saved. Zhong believes that there are gods everywhere in the human body, and proposed the theory of three dantians for the first time. Introduced many methods of thinking and thinking. There have always been many opinions about the author, the date of writing and the relationship between the internal and external classics.

   "Huang Ting Jing" has many famous masters handed down from the world, such as Zhiyong, Ouyang Xun, Yu Shinan, Chu Suiliang, Zhao Mengfu, etc., all of them explored the way of Wang Shu and got the enlightenment of beauty. However, some people think that the writing style of the "Huang Ting Jing" in lower case is not like that of Wang Xizhi, so there is a distinction between authenticity and falsehood.

Interpretation of Huang Ting Jing: Huang Ting is at the top, Yuan is at the bottom. There is Youque in the front and Mingmen in the back. He sucks outside the Lu and goes in and out of the pubic area. The trial can last forever, the people in the Huangting court wear red clothes, the gates are strong and the gates are covered with two doors, the quiet heroes are high in the Wei and Wei, the essence of the dantian is weak, the jade pond is clear and the water is fat, the spiritual roots are strong and the aspirations are unfailing, and the Zhongchi has The scholars are dressed in red, and the three rain gods live under the cross. The Chinese and foreign ministers are heavily involved. The gods work in the middle of the house. The trachea is fertilized. Seeing it is not sick, the long ruler is about it, the son can keep it safe, breathing in the room to pay for himself, keeping the appearance strong and celebrating, and hiding in the square inch, the spirit is restored to the old and rejuvenated, and the chivalry sheds by the secluded fault After all, the adopted son Yushu stick can be supported, and the way is not annoying. The spirit platform is connected to the middle and the wild, the square inch is to the bottom, the god portal in the jade room, is the master teaches me, the Mingtang four Dafa seaman, the true man's pill When I was in front of me, the energy between the three faults was deep, and the son wanted to die and repaired Kunlun. The twelfth level of the Jiangong complex, the five collections in the palace, the son of the red god, stood in the pool, and the Great Wall Xuanguyi was underneath. Anxious, abandon donation and shake the vulgar expert, Cuntian Chizhai can cure the health, the family is long and peaceful, observes the three wonders of the spirit, and cultivates peace in leisure, always saves the jade room and sees the wisdom, and always thinks of the Okura. Don’t be hungry and thirsty, make the six goddesses greet you, and you can live a long life in the essence of Huzi. In the main room, the gods live, wash your heart and self-government without daring to pollute. For this reason, things are natural and not annoying, do nothing, live in peace, live in nothingness, lonely and speak quietly, walk in the garden of tranquility and inaction, accumulate essence, fragrance and clean jade, live alone and support life. Keep the emptiness, calmness and no worries, wings to become upright and support the sparseness, long-term vision is to fly away, the five elements are in the same root and the same root, the three to five qi requires the original one, who will rise with the sun and the moon, hold the pearl and the jade and the child room, the child has its own It is my way to go out of the moon and enter the sun, the sky, the seven and the earth, the five elements rise and fall, and the nine elements are combined. The fall of the jade is my treasure. To raise the splendor, to obey the heaven and the earth to gather the essence, the strangeness of the seven days to live together, the sex of Kunlun is not lost, the mountain of the nine originals, there are real people can make orders, and the towers of the purple palace are hidden by the chivalrous people. The sun and the moon are like pearls, long live the shining time, the outer three suns come from oneself, the inner three gods can be long-lived, the soul desires to go to the sky and enter the abyss, the soul is turned back to nature, the ring of the hanging beads is endless, and the jade is golden. The appearance is strong, carrying the earth and the heavens to force the universe, the elephant is like a red as a pill at four times, and the front and back are different from the door. They are sent to return the pill and the mysterious spring. Open the seven gates by holding Fu, this is not branches and leaves, but the roots, day and night thinking can last forever. The immortal Taoist priests are not gods, they are the result of accumulation of essence and special benevolence. Everyone eats grains and five flavors, eats only the big and yin and yang qi, so they can not die, and the heart is the lord of the five Zang kings. Self-preservation of my spiritual light, daytime and night, self-preservation, thirsty and contentment, drinking, hunger and self-satisfaction, experiencing Liufu Zangmaoyou, the yin of turning yang is hidden in nine, often able to do without knowing the old, the liver is tuned and long, List the five zangs to give birth to the three lights, the upper triple jiaodao drink the syrup, my soul is in the center, I know the fat and fragrance from the nose up and down, standing on the hanging gods, lying on the old door waiting for the heavens, being close to the body and guarding itself, the spirit is open up and down Divided, Tongli Tiandi longevity grass, seven holes have passed through and do not know the old, and still sit on Yin-Yang Tianmen, Yin-Yang under Tongshen Ming, clear and cool under the canopy, and see my form when you enter the Qing Leng Yuan. There is a canopy that moves to see the essence, standing in the Mingtang and facing the dantian, will enable the gods to open the gate of life, to benefit the heavenly path to the spiritual root, the yin and yang line up like meteors, the lungs are the Qi triple-burned, and the old way of the heaven and the gate will be peeped away from the heaven and the earth. Boy, adjust the essence of the hair, the color is no longer white, and the throat will fall down, the gods will ask for each other, there is a purple palace under the purple color, hidden in the canopy, and the gods will turn to call. , Watch my gods ban you, and the success will return to everyone. As for the stomach tube to pass the emptiness, the life gate is like a jade capital, and the longevity will be more than longevity. The god in the spleen is in the middle palace, and the Fumingmen Hemingtang , Tongli Liufu adjusts the five elements, gold, wood, water, fire and earth are kings, the sun and the moon rest on Zhang Yin and yang, the two gods interact with each other to get the king and the king, the five zangs are the most respected for the kidneys, lying on the big yin to hide its shape, and leaving the Erqiaoshe Huang Ting, I see my shape in the breathing room, strengthen my muscles and blood, I am in a trance without seeing the Qingling, so I am alive without desire, and I still drink the Great Abyss at the Qimen, Taoist I have stolen the Qingling, and asked me about immortality and wonder Fang, the head carries Bai Su away from the dantian, bathes in Huachi's spiritual roots, the issued can last forever, the two residences can open the door to each other, the five flavors are all good and the spirit can be restored, and they can always live forever. Written in Wushanyin County on May 24th, 12th year of Yonghe.