Wen Zhengming's Cursive Script "Preface to the Peach and Plum Picture of a Spring Night Banquet"

Spring Night Banquet in Peach and Plum Garden

Preface Husband’s World

The reverse journey of all things

The One of Time EMI

Passer-by and floating life

dream for joy

He ancient people took a candlelight night tour

Good things come true Kuang Yangchun

Call me to smoke scene chunk

If I read the article, I will get a peach

Li Zhifangyuan Xu Tianlun



Heaven and earth are the reverse journey of all things; time is the passer-by of hundreds of generations.

And the floating life is like a dream, how much joy is there?

The ancients held a candle and walked at night, which was a good thing.

Kuang Yangchun called me to see the smoke and scenery, and the large piece of fake me to write articles.

A garden filled with peaches and plums, a prelude to family happiness.

All the handsome people in the season are Huilian; we sing songs and feel happy alone.

The quiet appreciation is over, and the high talk has become clear.

Sitting on the flowers at the Qiong Banquet, flying in the wine cup and intoxicated by the moon.

Without good works, how can one express his elegance? If the poem fails, the penalty will be the amount of gold, grain, and wine.



Heaven and earth are the hostel of all things, and time is the passerby of EMI. Life is impermanent, like a dream, how many happy days can there be? The ancients held candles and played at night for a reason! What's more, the Qingming and mild spring attracts us with beautiful scenery, and nature provides us with a splendid scenery. Now we are gathering in the fragrant garden of peaches and plums to talk about the joys of the brothers. All the younger brothers are brilliant, and they all have the talent of Xie Huilian. Everyone chants and sings, but I can't compare with Xie Kangle and feel ashamed. Enjoying the scenery of the spring night quietly was not over yet, and the indulgent discussion turned to elegant. Set out a luxurious feast, sitting among the flowers, the wine glasses are frequently passed, and drunk in the moonlight. Without a good poem, how can one express elegant feelings? If anyone fails to compose a poem, he will be fined three glasses of wine in accordance with with the precedent of Jinguyuan.