"Ancient Ji Tie" by Mrs. Wei, in lower case. His writing style is simple and solemn, and his posture is natural. It is the top grade in regular script.

Mrs. Wei, born in 272 and died in 349, was born in Anyi, Hedong (now Xia County, Shanxi). The name is Shuo, the word is Maoyi, and he is from the department and the south. Female calligrapher of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Passed as the division of Wang Youjun (Wang Xizhi). The wife of Ruyin prefect Li Ju, known as Mrs. Wei in the world. Under the tutelage of Zhong You, You Shan is in official script. The eight lines of regular script handed down in Chunhua Ge Tie and the book theory "Bi Zhen Tu" are probably good deeds. Family history (the ancestor of the Northern School, Wei Guan's niece, and Wei Huancong's sister), is well-known contemporary. "Calligraphy Records" says that she has the skill of Zhong Yao, melting the clock and the method of Wei in one furnace. In the "Ben Array Tu", "Horizontal" is like a cloud of thousands of miles, "Point" is like a rock on a mountain, "Ask" is like a horn of a rhinoceros, and "Vertical" is like a long live withered vine and "捺" Such as crashing the waves and running through the thunder, "nu" is like a crossbow hair, and "hook" is like a crossbow tendon. There are "Ming Ji Tie", "Wei Shi He Nan Tie" handed down to the world. Its glyph has changed from Zhong Yao's flat square to a rectangular shape. The few lines are delicate and peaceful, elegant and graceful, and it is far away from Li, indicating that regular script was mature and common at that time. "Book Review" calls it "like a girl with flower arrangements, low-pitched beauty; like a beautiful girl on stage, fairy shadows, red lotus reflecting in water, blue sea and floating clouds".