Mi Fu's "Three Wu Poems" paper, running script, length 30.6 cm, width 63 cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

I would like to send you a humble poem
Tongzhi envoy, Jiangxi
Xiangyang Rice Noodles.
San Wu has a husband and is furious
seawater. Open your mouth to talk about worldly affairs, borrow
pair of chopsticks
Son of Heaven. The Rui Festival is as high as a pine, one year old
Several envoys. The autumn water floats on the Xiang moon,
I stopped drinking the wine many times. Can't say goodbye
Climb up and watch the clouds sail by.

  When Mi Fu was 18 years old (AD 1068), he was awarded the title of Secretary Provincial School Zilang and was appointed as the Lieutenant of Guangdong Honggu (now Yingde) for two years. Ren Nei has a good reputation for local education. According to Ruan Yuan's "Guangdong Tongzhi", when he was in Zhen'an, he "had a charming and far-reaching charm, a noble and noble taste, beautiful landscapes, and many travel topics. He also practiced his duties, taught and promoted people, and worshiped famous officials." The Yanyu Tower and Wangfugang nearby have left famous poems, there are stone carvings in Yingde, Yangshan and Chaozhou, and ink marks in Guangzhou.