"Tie of the same year", now in the collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, white paper, running script. After the post, he wrote "Poetry of Huainan Hunan". "Tie of the Same Year" is one of Li Jianzhong's masterpieces. The structure is charming, the writing style is ancient, and the character is preserved in the fatness. Therefore, Huang Ting insists that his calligraphy is "fat but not fleshy, like the beauties in the world, with thick muscles and delicate expressions." It can be seen that the Tang Dynasty's thick and thick style has changed to the Song Dynasty's Qing Dynasty. development attitude. There is a sentence "a brief description of things in Xijing" in the article, which should have been written when he was the censor of Xijing during the period from Jingde to Dazhong Xiangfu. This post can be found in "Coral Gang Book Postscript", "Jiyu Family Calligraphy and Painting Postscript", "Wu Family Calligraphy and Painting Notes", "Shigutang Calligraphy and Painting Examination", "Daguan Lu" and other books. It was once collected by Xiang Yuanbian in Ming Dynasty.