Self-written hairpin head phoenix stone carvings, collected by Shenyuan, Shaoxing

  Lu You married his cousin Tang Wan when he was 20 years old, and the couple had a deep relationship. But Lu's mother didn't like Tang Wan and forced her son to divorce his wife. Lu You succumbed to ethics and did not dare to disobey his mother's orders, so he had to separate from Tang Wan. One day ten years later, Lu You and Tang Wan met unexpectedly in Shenyuan. At that time, Tang Wan had remarried and Lu also remarried. Lu You was filled with emotion for a moment, so he wrote on the wall of the garden the words "The Hairpin-headed Phoenix", which is an eternal noun: "Red crisp hands, yellow Teng wine, the city is full of spring scenery and willows on the palace walls. The east wind is evil, the joy is thin, and the heart is full." Melancholy, a few years away from home. Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! Spring is as old as before, people are empty and thin, tears are red and the crocodile silk is transparent. Peach blossoms fall, Xianchi Pavilion, although the mountain alliance is there, it is difficult to trust the brocade book. Mo! Mo! Mo! !". After seeing it, Tang Wan was sentimental and composed a poem called "The Hairpin-headed Phoenix" - the world is thin, human nature is evil, and flowers fall easily at dusk when it rains. The wind is drying at dawn, and the traces of tears remain. I want to write down my thoughts, and the rain is alone on the sloping railing. Disaster! Disaster! Disaster! People are different, today is not yesterday, and the sick soul is always like a rope on a swing. The sound of the horn is cold, the night is dark, I am afraid of being asked, I swallow my tears and make up for joy. conceal! conceal! conceal! Not long after this encounter, the talented woman fell into depression and died.