Respect for family members
Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing, paper, album, 1 page, length 29.3cm, width 38.3cm. Running script, 11 lines, 80 words.

You are anxious and afraid to visit the Qi family and their relatives, but we support Shouqi together. There are committee members in the mirror who dare to ask for help. Zi Yu is smart enough to work hard, but he wishes he could never graduate. If you don't abandon your father-in-law, it's not too late. Brother Zhang Qisan is poor but his official career is still far away, so there is nothing he can do. Every time I'm heartbroken, I don't care about anything. It’s not even a thought to be three feet tall. Worship again in fear.
The seals on this collection include "Song Luo Approval", "Nangzhou", "Jiang Xun's Seal", "De She Jie Guan", as well as Prince Cheng and Cheng Xun, etc.

The content of this post is a request, that is, Lu You sent a letter to his father-in-law to help his youngest son Ziyu complete his studies. The Ziyu mentioned in the post was Lu You's youngest son. According to Lu You's chronology, he was born in Dingyou, the fourth year of Chunxi (1177), when Fangweng was 53 years old. "In the mirror" refers to Shaoxing Jinghu Lake, which is Jianhu Lake, so this post should be written at home.
This calligraphy is tall and long, with strong strokes and delicate and sharp turning points. It not only shows the calligraphy legacy of Yang Ningshi, Su Shi and Huang Tingjian, but also has its own identity.
A description of Volume 1 of "Appraisal of Paintings and Calligraphy" and a copy of Volume 3 of "Authentic Calligraphy Collection of Haishanxian Museum"