Sanjun Tie, handbook, paper, running script, 31.5 x 38.2cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  Lin Bu liked to compose poetry and was also good at writing running script. In this letter, we can see that his body is tall and tall, and his strokes are thin, so many people describe his handwriting as "bones but little flesh". This piece of calligraphy has wide spacing between words and lines, many thin strokes between words, sharp edges at the beginning and end of the strokes, and square and hard turns. Therefore, his calligraphy often gives people a "fresh and vigorous" feeling.

  Storytelling in the past dynasties often has the association of "words are like people". Lin Bu finally hid in the mountains and forests, so some people think that his calligraphy has escaped the secular habits. Many people also believe that his calligraphy is like the plum blossoms under his pen: "Sparse shadows are slanting across the clear water, and the faint fragrance floats in the moonlight at dusk." They are light and elegant, and are worthy of careful consideration.