"Instructions for Making Infant Incense" on paper, 28.7 cm in height and 37.7 cm in width, collected by the National Palace Museum in Taipei

"Prescriptions for Making Yingxiang", also known as "Prescriptions", cursive script on paper, 28.9 × 37.7cm, 9 lines, 8l characters. There is no date of writing, but judging from the brushwork and calligraphy style, it should have been written in the early years, probably between 1086 and 1093 Yuanyou years. There are seals such as "An's Yizhou Calligraphy and Painting Seal" and other seals. "Pretending to be an Oops", "The Continuation of Shiqu Baoji" and others are recorded.

For Yingxiang, add three liang of horn into powder, grind four qian of clove into powder, grind seven qian of borneol separately, grind three qian of musk separately, grind one qian of Zhi Gong Jia Xiang into powder, and grind all the right ingredients evenly. Insert half a ounce into your teeth, then grind evenly. Add six ounces of refined honey and mix well. Take it out in the shade for one month and make pills as big as a chicken head. I remember this briefly. If the booklet is waiting for inspection, it may be different, so don’t record it.