Postscript to Su Shi's postscript on cold food, paper, 34.3×64cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

Running script, usually 9 lines, 59 words. It was written between July and September of the third year of Yuanfu (1100). It entered the imperial palace of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties, and was collected by Zhang Hao, Zhang Jinjienu, Xiang Yuanbian, Han Shineng, An Qi and others. It later flowed to Japan and was exhibited in the National Palace Museum in Taipei. "Xihongtang Dharma Calligraphy", "Imperial Carved Sanxitang Shiqu Baoji Dharma Calligraphy", "Guyuan Copying Ancient Dharma Calligraphy", "Wanxiangtang Su Tie", "Jingsuyuan Tie", "Sixty-five Kinds of Song Xian" , "Zhuang Tao Pavilion Tie" and other collections.

Explanation: Dongpo's poem is similar to that of Li Taibai, but he is still afraid that Taibai may not be around. This book combines the writing styles of Yan Lugong, Yang Shaoshi, and Li Xitai. Trying to make Dongpo reproduce it may not be as good as this. If he sees this book in Dongpo, he will laugh at me and praise me for being in a place where there is no Buddha.