"Ode to Bitter Bamboo Shoots" on paper, 31.7 × 51.2cm, collected by the National Palace Museum, Taipei

  This post has 11 lines and 181 words and was written in the second year of Yuanfu (1099). It was once collected by Wu Zhen, An Qi, Chen Ding and others. It has been recorded in "A Spectacular Life", "Mo Yuan Hui Guan", "Continuation of Shiqu Baoji", "Painting and Calligraphy of the Forbidden City" and so on. Included are "Imperial Engraved Sanxitang Shiqu Baoji Dharma Calligraphy", "Renjutang Dharma Calligraphy", "Moyuantang Collection Genuine Calligraphers", "Four Schools of Calligraphy in the Song Dynasty", etc. Now in the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

  Huizong of the Song Dynasty once said: "Huang Shu is like a knowledgeable scholar who can sit on a high chariot and a horse, and can move up and down with horizontal tongs." Valley calligraphy had a great influence on that time and later generations, and was highly praised. It was one of the four great masters of the Northern Song Dynasty. one. The writing style of this post is vigorous, with the knot in the middle palace and the long stroke extending outwards. It is handsome and free and easy, showing the elegant charm of the valley and giving full play to the beauty of the leaning movement. Selected from the volume "Four Calligraphers of the Song Dynasty".

  Yu Ku was fond of bitter bamboo shoots, and he admonished ten people, who performed the poem "Bitter Bamboo Shoots". The poem says: The bitter bamboo shoots of Bodao are the best in the two rivers. They are sweet, crisp and pleasant, slightly bitter but have a strong flavor. They are warm, moist and dense. If you eat them in large quantities, they will not hurt you. It is bitter and flavorful, like loyal advice that can liven up a country; there are many but not harmful, like the promotion of scholars and all of them become virtuous. Because of the elegance of the mountains and rivers, it can be protected from rain and dew, and can be sheltered from the wind and smoke. It opens the way for food and drink, and the drinkers salivate for it. The cinnamon rose and dream mercury are in the same year. Shu people said: Bitter bamboo shoots cannot be eaten. Eating them will cause chronic diseases and make people wilted and barren. I am not worthy of it. A sergeant can speak without talking about it; a sergeant will believe it when he advances, but will be dizzy when he retreats; a corporal officer will trust his ears but not his eyes, and he will be stubborn. Li Taibai said: "But if you get the pleasure of being drunk, don't pass it on to those who are awake."