A poem sent by Du Fu to He Lan, on paper, in cursive script, 34.7 cm long and 69.6 cm wide, collected by the Palace Museum in Beijing.

"Du Fu's Poems to He Lan", Song Dynasty, written by Huang Tingjian, on paper, in cursive script, 34.7cm in length and 69.6cm in width.
  After the joy of the government and the public, the world is in shock. Follow each other for thousands of miles, and I will be like a white-headed man. We are still separated at the end of the year, and the riverside is even more turbulent. Don't say that I live in a foreign land, but I drink and peck in the same place several times. Send He Lanzhu.
  The collection seals are "Neifu Shushu Seal", "Return Seal" and "Xizhi".
  This post is the first in the volume "Baohan of Song and Yuan Dynasties". The brushwork is round and vigorous, and the strokes are continuous, like dragons and snakes flying, reaching the state of forgetting both mind and hand. The four characters "Send He Lanzhu" at the end are written in regular script, which is straight and vigorous, complementing the flying momentum of the previous cursive script poems. Although it is only eight lines long, it is Huang Tingjian's masterpiece in cursive script. This poem and the poem "Hua Qi Poems" by Huang Tingjian stored in the National Palace Museum in Taipei are two beautiful things.
  The records are recorded in Volume 5 of "Wu Family Calligraphy and Painting Records", Volume 2 of "A Spectacular Life", and Volume 2 of "The First Edition of Shiqu Baoji".