Explanation: "I'm sending you three hundred pears today. It's snowing late, so it's not a good idea."

Wang Xianzhi's "Pear-Sending Tie" was once in the imperial court of the Qing Dynasty, and the plates were copied from the "Sanxitang Dharma Tie". The cursive method of this post is dignified, healthy and lawful.
Wang Xianzhi's "Pear Sending Note" is accompanied by Liu Gongquan's postscript. Mi Fu's "Book History" records that it is Wang Xianzhi's calligraphy, but "Xuanhe Shupu" is collected under Wang Xizhi's name. There is no Zheng or Xuanxi in the ink volume. print. It can be seen that there are still many exceptions. After the Jingkang Rebellion, the Xuanhe Collection was scattered, and most of the seals were cut off to eliminate evidence of old government objects. This was mentioned in many records of previous generations.