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The full text of "Book Book"

Among those who have been good at calligraphy since ancient times, Zhong Zhang was the best in the Han and Wei dynasties, and the two kings were called the best in the late Jin Dynasty. Wang Xizhi said: "After a quick search of famous books, Zhong Zhangxin was unparalleled, but his progress is not enough to be seen." It can be said that Zhong Zhangyun disappeared, and Xixian succeeded him. He also said: "My book is compared to Zhong Zhang. Zhong should resist, or it can be said that it is better. Zhang Cao is like a flying goose. However, Zhang is very skilled, and the water in the pool is exhausted. If I delay it like this, I will not necessarily thank you." This is the intention of promoting Zhang Mai Zhong. Examining his expertise, although he failed to achieve the result according to the previous rules, he has mastered all aspects, so he is not ashamed of what he is doing now. A commentator said: "The four sages among them are outstanding in ancient and modern times; today we do not catch up with the ancients, but study the ancient quality and study the present." Although it is a written deed, it is suitable for recording words; but once Chunji moved, the quality and writing changed three times, and the evolution was rapid, the physics is normal. In ancient times, noble people were not obedient, but today they have different disadvantages. The so-called "gentle and gentle. Then a gentleman." Why bother to carve palaces on acupoints and turn jade chariots on vertebrae? It is also said: "Zijing is not as good as Yi Shao, and Yi Shao is not as good as Zhong Zhang." The intended person thinks that he can evaluate his outline, but does not specify his origins and endings. Moreover, Yuanchang specialized in official script, and Boying was especially good at cursive script. They are both beautiful, but they are both elegant and young. If you draft a draft, it will remain true, if you compare it with the truth, the grass will grow. Although the specialized work is small and inferior, but the extensive experience is excellent; in the end, there is no good relationship. Xie Ansuo was good at rulers and tablets, but Qingzi Jingzhi was a book. Zi Jing tried to write a good book for him, saying that it must be recorded. He always answered questions and answered them, which made him feel very angry. An Chang asked Jing: "How can Qing Shu be like the right army?" He replied: "So we should win." An Yun: "The theory of things is different." Yu Jing replied: "The people at that time knew it!" Although Jing has the power to use What Zhe An learned from this statement is that it is not an exaggeration to claim that he is the father of victory! Moreover, when he established his reputation and became famous in his career, he could not get into the home of Shengmu. Although Yu Jingzhi's Haohan and Shao Youjun's writings and letters were restored in rough regular script, they may not be able to overcome Ji Qiu. The situation is to pretend to be a god, to worship the family model in shame, and to achieve education in this way, who is more likely to face the wall! When Hou Xi went to the capital, he wrote an inscription on the wall before leaving. Zi Jingmi wiped it out and changed the writing to another place. His private behavior was not evil. When Xi returned, he sighed and said, "I was really drunk when I left!" He was respectful and ashamed. It is known that if Yi Shao is better than Zhong Zhang, then Zhuan Bo Si is different; if Zi Jing is not as good as Yi Shao, there is no doubt about it.

When Yu Zhi was a scholar, he paid attention to calligraphy and calligraphy. He ignored Zhang Zhizhi's remaining lies. He has the art of being obedient to the trees and the ambition to be near the pond. Observe the difference in the hanging needle of a husband, the strangeness of thunder and falling rocks, the frightening state of flying beasts, the frightened state of luan dancing snakes, the force of the cliff and the collapse of the peak, the form of leaning in the face of danger; some are as heavy as a collapsing cloud, some are as light as a cloud. Like cicada wings; if you guide it, the spring will flow; if you pause it, the mountain will be safe; as slender as the first moon rising from the horizon, falling like stars in the river; with the same wonders of nature, there are things that cannot be achieved by force and luck; faith can be said to be both wise and skillful. , the heart and hands are smooth, the hand does not move in vain, and there must be a reason for the move. Within a single stroke, everything rises and falls like a sharp edge; within a single point, everything changes like a thin beam of light. Kuang Yun accumulated his stipples to form his characters; he never glanced at the ruler and leaned down to study the shade; he quoted Ban Chao as his words and borrowed items from the book and became complacent; he let the pen form the body and gathered the ink to form it; he was faint of heart and tried to imitate the formula with his hands. Isn’t it wrong to be confused about the principles of luck and seek its grace and beauty? However, when a gentleman establishes himself, he must cultivate his roots. Yang Xiong said: "Poems and poems are written in small ways, which a strong man cannot do." Kuang Fu is also a person who indulges in thinking and loses his ability in calligraphy! The husband's hidden spirit is facing Yi, which is still the name of sitting in hiding; he is happy to fish and fish, and he still has the interest of physical movement and hiding. If Gong determines rituals and music, it is a wonderful imitation of gods, and it is like the indifference of the old man, which is transported together with the furnace. The man who likes the strange and the strange, who plays with the many ways of body postures, who knows the subtleties and subtleties, can obtain the secrets of movement. The one who writes the book ignores its dross, and the one who reviews it learns the essence. The one who consolidates the principles and principles will return it, and the one who believes in the virtuous and the wise is good at the same time. How can it be in vain to save the essence and reward it? The scholars of the Eastern Jin Dynasty cultivated each other. The family belongs to the clan of Wang Xie and the relationship between Xi and Yu. Although it is not full of magic, it is also salty and flavorful. As time goes by, the path becomes weaker and weaker. Fang Fu heard the doubts and expressed doubts, and finally reached the end. He was blocked from the past and the present, and there was no question. He had a meeting and kept it secret. This made the scholars confused, unable to understand the essentials, only seeing the beauty of success, and not understanding the reason. Or it may be that it has been distributed for many years, but it is still far away from the rules, and the true picture is not understood, and the practice will lead to confusion. If he can write in cursive and pass down official laws in a rough way, he will tend to be stubborn and stubborn, and he will not understand the rules. Knowing that the heart and hand will return, it seems that they have the same origin but are of different schools; the technique of switching is like a tree that shares the same tree but is divided into strips? Taking advantage of the changes at the right time, running script is the most important; writing the title in a square format is really the first thing to do. If the grass is not true, it is almost due to concentration; if the true grass is not clear, it is definitely not a letter. The true uses dot painting as the form and quality, so that it can be transformed into emotion; the grass uses dot painting as the emotion, so that it can be transformed into form and quality. If the grass turns well, it can't form words; if it's really bad, it can still be written. Although they are different from each other, they are generally related to each other. Therefore, it is also adjacent to the two seal scripts, which are bent over eight points, including the chapters, and the words are flowing freely. If you don't notice it at all, you will be in a different situation. Just like Zhong Yao Li Qi and Zhang Zhi Cao Sage, they are all experts and masters, making them unparalleled. Boying is not true, but his stippling is messy; Yuan Chang is not careful, but his paintings are vertical and horizontal. Those who are self-defeating and unable to do both are missing something and are not specialized. Although seal script and official seals are made of cursive seals, their functions are varied and their functions are beautiful and each has its own advantages. The seal script is gentle and clear, the script is precise and dense, the cursive script is flowing and smooth, and the chapter management is easy to check. Then cool it with wind spirit, warm it with beauty, drum it with dry energy, and harmonize it with leisurely elegance. Therefore, it is possible to understand their emotions, describe their sorrows and joys, and examine the special knots of dryness and dampness, which have remained the same through the ages. Those who are old and strong at different times, a hundred years old and a few hours apart, can learn about the secrets without entering the door. Another time when writing, some are good and some are combined. If they are combined, they will be charming, and if they are good, they will be sparse. I will briefly explain the reasons, and each has five reasons: Shen is happy and leisurely, which is the first combination; feeling benefit and partiality, the second combination; the time is harmonious and the spirit is harmonious. Moisture is the three combinations; the paper and ink are mixed together, the four combinations; and the occasional desire to write is the five combinations. The heart is quick and the body is lingering, which is the first bad thing; the mind is bent against the situation, the second bad thing is; the wind is dry and the sun is burning, the third bad thing is; the paper and ink are not in harmony, the fourth bad thing is; the feelings are lazy and the hands are weak, the fifth bad thing is. When they are in harmony, the advantages and disadvantages differ from each other. It is better to have a tool at the right time, and it is better to have a tool than to have a will. If the five good things are the same, the thoughts are restrained and the hands are blocked; the five combinations are perfect, and the spirit is integrated and the writing is smooth. Smooth, no discomfort, confused and helpless. When a benevolent person is so proud that he forgets to speak, he rarely expresses his important points; when a scholar wants to describe the wonderful things in a style, his descriptions are still sparse. He did his work in vain and failed to fulfill his purpose. Don't criticize mediocrity, but always make things clear; people who want to promote the rules of the past and guide the knowledge of the future, eliminate the complexity and excess, and see the traces to clarify the mind.


"Book of Changes" says: "Observe the astronomy to observe the changes of time; observe the humanities to transform the world." Kuang's book is wonderful, and it can be taken from all bodies. If the order is not used thoroughly, it will still be lost in the secrets; but in the midst of waves, it has been dredged up on the spiritual platform. You must be able to understand the feelings of pointillism, study the principles from beginning to end, make insect seals, and use Tao to write cursive scripts. If the five materials of the body are used together, the appearance will not be perfect; if the eight tones are repeated one after another, the feeling will be confused. If several paintings are applied together, their shapes will be different; all the points will be arranged in line, forming a body that is consistent with each other. One point becomes one word, and one word is the final word. Violate but not violate, be harmonious but different; stay late but not stay late, send away the disease that is not permanent; bring dryness and moistness, and will be thick and dry; lose the rules in the square and circle, escape the straightness of the hook and rope; appear sometimes and obscure, if walking, if hiding; poor The abnormality is at the end of the hair, and the mood is on the paper; the hands are always attentive, and the regular rules are forgotten; I can memorize Xi's offerings without missing a beat, and defy the rules and regulations but still work hard. For example, the crimson tree and the green harp of the husband have different shapes and are beautiful together; the Shu and the jade of the Sui Dynasty are different but have the same beauty. Why bother to carve a crane or a dragon, which makes you feel ashamed of your real body? When you catch a fish or a rabbit, it's like a swan's hoof. When I heard that my husband's family has the appearance of Nanwei, we can discuss it with Shuyuan; if it has the advantage of Longquan, we can discuss cutting it off. To speak too much is to tire the cardinal. I have been thinking about writing a book, and I think it is very suitable. I am often called someone who knows it, and I often point it out: it is so beautiful that I have not paid attention to it; or I have made a mistake, and I was scolded when I read it. If you don't know what you see, you can even describe what you heard; you may think that you are proud of your seniority and your position, and you may be embarrassed by it. I fake it with Xiang Ming and inscribe it with ancient eyes: then the sage will change his view, and the fool will continue his voice, competing to appreciate the wonders of the rich and the end, and rarely discuss the failure of the front end; just like Huihou's love for hypocrisy, just like Ye Gong's fear real. It is known that there is a reason for the fluctuation of brother's breath. My husband, Cai Yong, did not erroneously reward, and Sun Yang did not care rashly. He was proficient in mystical knowledge, so he was not stagnant in his ears and eyes. Xiangshi's strange sound is in Cuan, and even those who listen to it are surprised by its wonderful sound; if he is at ease, and everyone knows that it is unique, then Bo Cui is not worthy of being called Bo Le, and Bo Le is not worthy of praise. As for the old grandma who encounters a fan, she resents it at first and then asks for it; when the disciple gets a few books, the father cuts off the book and the son is upset; knowing and not knowing. It is strange that a Gentleman submits to not knowing oneself, but to one who knows oneself. He does not know oneself! Therefore, Zhuangzi said: "The bacteria in the morning do not know the new moon, and the worms do not know the spring and autumn." Laozi said: "When the corporal hears the Tao, he laughs; if he does not laugh, it is not enough to follow the Tao. How can you blame summer insects for holding ice!"

Since the Han and Wei dynasties, there have been many commentators on books, and they are all mixed up, and the entries are disputed: some are restating old chapters, but they are not different from the past; . This is a six-part compilation, divided into two volumes. The first one is called Shupu. The concubine's family came later and were entrusted with the scale. They are friends from all over the world, or they can keep a close eye on the province. The purpose of keeping its secret is that there is nothing left to learn.
Chui Gong’s three-year diary