"Yuan Ping Epitaph" written and written by Wei Yingwu (part of it)
  "Yuan Ping Epitaph" was written and written by Wei Yingwu in the eleventh year of the Dali calendar (776). Made of bluestone, 42×44.5cm, regular script, 27 lines, 27 characters per line.

  The late wife’s epitaph of the Yuan family in Henan
   Wei Yingwu, a meritorious cao of Jingzhao Prefecture who joined the army before the imperial court, wrote and wrote the book
   There is Tang Jingzhao Weishi, his great-grandfather Jin Ziguanglu, Shangshu Youpushe, Tongzhongshu's third rank, the founding father of Fuyang County, and his ancestor Yin Qingguanglu, the governor of Liangzhou, and Xi Fuyang Gong's decree. His father, Xuanzhou Judi, joined the army, and he was named Yingwu. He married Mrs. Taoping of the Yuan family in Henan, whose courtesy name was Foli. After Wei Zhao became the emperor, he had a minister named Yan Zuo. Zuo gave birth to Jianzhou Biejia and gave him to the prince's guest, Uncle Ping. The eldest daughter of Madam Libu. The rules of etiquette are to be gentle and graceful; to be obedient to women is to be filial to relatives. When he was not fixing his affairs, he would recite poems and books and play with Chinese calligraphy. The first is that Huang was born in Xiangzhi on March 4th in the year of Gengchen in the Kaiyuan Dynasty, then Tianbao Bingshen was born on August 22nd in Beijing Zhaoying, and finally the Gui Shiji was born on September 20th in Bingchen of Dali calendar. The official residence in the inner courtyard of the east hall of Gongcao will forever be the residence of Taipingfang where the ancestors were born on November 5th of the same year. Tomorrow, at the time of Geng, Shen and Xun, it will be engraved on the third floor directly south of the original tomb of Shaoling, Yishan Township, Wannian County. More than one hundred and sixty steps. Our ancestors had a saying: if the silk-coated copper paint does not fit into the quill, it will be given a few mouthfuls of earthenware. Woohoo! If you are your own match, you must follow the rules of the Zhou Dynasty. Rong Desheng must be correct, and Yan Yan's words must not be violated. I don't know how to be safe, and suddenly disaster strikes, and I will join hands to grow old together, not knowing the secret of the middle road. When they looked at each other, they were speechless. My mother lives far away, and I will never hate her. Her children are around the table, and I don't care to stay. The situation is not suitable for people when they are old, and they want milk when they are young. It is also sad that there is a little girl who was only five years old. Because of her kindness and love, she tasted the teaching notes and dictated "Qianwen". Seeing Yu weeping, he also burst into tears again. Just ask, knowing that there is something to lose, but nothing to gain can win. Heaven can't bear this, taking it away is like throwing it away. If you spend more than one year in a strong official position, you will be easily injured later in life. Every time I look at the door in the dark, the cold mat has no owner, the clothes are greasy in my hands, but I still know my life, the incense powder bag is still in the old place, and the utensils and utensils are all used. I can't bear to look again. What's more, if you were born in poverty and died without a house, you will always feel like a liability. As the sun and moon move forward, clouds arrive at the great funeral. Even after a hundred generations, they all return to the cave together, but the pain of passing away first closes the mysterious spring. One boy and two girls, the boy was a few months old, named Jade Axe, and held in his arms during the funeral. What a shame! The journey of the scenery can be recorded, the appearance is in the eyes, the glimpse is bright and passing, and the letter is like a metaphor of lightning. Therefore, I know that it was born out of nothing, and there are emotions in it. Now it has returned to its original state. Why should I be surprised? Naizhi and Ming said:
   Madam Yi, Emperor Wei's descendant, is here, charming and charming. The virtues of leadership are returned to me, and they are graceful, pure and abundant, more than chaste. When the joy comes to an end, I am unscrupulous and love my room. He was born in Geng and died in Bing, and his life span is short of eternity. Suddenly she behaves in a state of ignorance, the mother is far away and the girl is young, but the man is in her arms. I can't stay long to say goodbye to this world. The car is late passing by my house. On the Shaoling Plain, there is frost that cuts off the muscles. When I get up in the morning, I will practice it and send it home. Interpreting the dream in Kongzhuang, I know it in my heart. How sad it is to live in the same hole for hundreds of years.