In 1999, the Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum acquired it in Xiliu Township, Chang'an District, and it is now stored in the Xi'an Forest of Steles Museum. The stone is square, with a length and width of 49 centimeters, and the title is "The epitaph of Prince Fu Baolang and the preface of the Tang Dynasty". The length and width of the cover are both 48.5 centimeters, and the cover is inscribed in seal script "The epitaph of the late prince of the Tang Dynasty". There is no author or name of the person who wrote the epitaph. "Wang Qiu's Ancient Epitaph" is a relatively rare epitaph in running script. Unlike other epitaphs in running script in the Tang Dynasty, this epitaph still has a regular script frame. This monument has tight spacing between words and wide lines. It is mixed with some cursive scripts and is handwritten. , like the letters written by Jin people, are rare "ink mark" inscriptions.