The first title of the original title: Bhikshuni's Explanation and Preface to the Inscriptions of the Brahma Stone Chamber
  Date: Buried on October 24th, the 15th year of Emperor Kaihuang’s reign in the Sui Dynasty (595)
  Excavated and located: It was unearthed in Yidu, Shandong during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It was once owned by Li Wentian and was lost to stone.
  Version Qingtuo.
  Characteristics of Tuying: Original book.
  The shape of the rubbings: The rubbings have nine sides, four lines on each side, and eight characters in each line. The ink paper is 21.51 cm high and 10.5 cm wide.
  Collection of rubbings and seals Shen Shuyong’s collection of rubbings. The cover is inscribed and signed by Zhao Zhiqian in the fourth year of Tongzhi, and the seal is: "Zhao Zhiqian's Seal"; Zhao Zhiqian's inscription and postscript, the seal is: "Zhiqian's Seal"; the inscription of Shen Shuyong in the sixth year of Tongzhi, the seal is: "Chen Shuyong Seal"; the inner seal is: "Jun" The first "written characters of the Qin, Han and Six Dynasties" were obtained, "Zhiqian's examination and approval", "Shen's gold and stone", and "Shuyong's examination and approval".
  Documentary records: "Collection and Interpretation of Epitaphs of the Han, Wei, Southern and Northern Dynasties" Volume 8, leaf 86 "Supplementary Essays on the Collation of Steles", page 438 "Compilation of Chinese Stone Rubbings from Past Dynasties in the Collection of Beijing Library"

Rubbings of "Inscriptions on the Stone Chamber of Fans during the Sui Dynasty" are collected by the Beijing Library