Su Shi's "Zhi Ping Tie" volume, Song Dynasty, Su Shi's calligraphy, paper, running script, length 29.2cm, width 45.2cm. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

Shi Qi: I will never forget my long separation. I long for the wonderful victory in my body. My family members are all well. The Buddhist pavilion must have been completed, and it is not easy to burn it and repair it. After several years of chanting sutras, he saved several disciples. Teacher Ying is still hospitalized in Simeng, how about it? A brief look at the situation. The two tombs at Shitouqiao and Tuotou must be taken care of. Cheng Liu is careful, but frequency and promotion are important. I have been asking for a return from a county in Shu for a long time. We haven't met each other yet, but I just want to protect my love and don't announce it. Shi raised his hand. The two masters and attendants, the master of Zhiping History Academy and Master Xu. August 18th.

"Zhi Ping Tie" is a letter written by Su Shi. The main content is about entrusting the village monks to take care of the tombs. According to the postscripts written by Zhao Mengfu, Wen Zhengming, and Wang Zhideng after the post, it can be seen that this post was written by Su Shi when he was in the capital during the Xining period of the Northern Song Dynasty, when he was about 30 years old. The calligraphy of this calligraphy is exquisite and charming, which is consistent with the characteristics of Su Shi's calligraphy in his early years. As Zhao Mengfu said, "the strokes are charming and graceful" and he praised it as "a calligraphy treasure in the world". This volume begins with a portrait of Su Shi painted by the Ming Dynasty and a "Praise to the Portrait of Mr. Dongpo" written by Shi Donggao Miaosheng. The appraisal stamps include "Authentic Works of Song Dynasty in Shangqiu" and "Books of Zhang Quan Dezai in Wujiang".

It is recorded in the second volume of "The Spectacular Life", the second volume of "The Record of Pretending to be More", and the second volume of "Records of Calligraphy and Painting in Shengjing".

Appendix "Complete Collection of Chinese Calligraphy - Su Shi" entry description on Zhipingtie:
Zhiping post: This post is signed with the month and day, but not with the year. The postscript of Zhengming at the end of the post has a detailed argument: "You Su Wenzhonggong and the local monk Zhiping have two great scholars, Zhao Wenmin believes that they are authentic in the early years. According to the first year of Gong Jiayou's promotion, Xin Chou was promoted to the imperial examination in the sixth year, so Fengxiang signed the contract . In the fourth year of Yue's reign, Xinsi summoned the judge to Wenguyuan. He searched for Dingyou and returned to Shu. In the second year of Xining, Jiyou began to return to the court and was the supervisor of Gaoyuan. In the fourth year of Xinhai, he was sentenced to Hangzhou. This book was published on August 16th. , there is the phrase "not for a long time to invite the county", which should be written when Xining was in the capital. Although Gai Gong stayed in the capital for a while, he returned to the court in the winter of Yisi, and Laoquan died in April of Bingwu next year, so there was no one in the middle. In August. Since he was too young to be a county at that time, there is no doubt that it was designated as Xining Shishu. It was four years since the 30th year of the Duke of Shi." However, there is a clerical error in "Zhiping Xinsi" in the postscript, which should be Yisi. In April of the fourth year of Kao Xining, Dongpo was ordered to pass judgment on Hangzhou, so this post must have been written in one of the two Augusts of the second and third years of Xining.
Zhao Mengfu wrote this post for the second time, but after thinking about it, he lost it. This piece of paper was collected by Wu monk Jiugao at the end of the Yuan Dynasty. "Jiugao once lived at Zhiping Temple in Shihu, so the word "Yeping" on this post was left in the temple and carved on stone to pass it down." The "Zhiping" in the post refers to the monk temple in Meishan County, Dongpo's hometown. The trustee, Master Xu of the School of History, is a monk from the second township. Cheng Liu in the article refers to Cheng Zhiyuan, the nephew of Dongpo's mother Cheng. In Dongpo's letter, he asked monks from two villages to take care of the tomb, and also expressed his intention to return to his hometown: "I have been asking for a long time to return to a county in Sichuan."
Wen Zhengming commented that this post was not as "specially vigorous, vigorous and harmonious" as Wanwei's, and Zhao Mengfu also thought that "the calligraphy and painting are more romantic and charming", which is worthy of his comment.
Interpretation Shi Qi. I will never forget you after a long separation. The long-term vision shows great victory, and all the Dharma and family members are safe. The Buddhist pavilion must have been completed. It is not easy to burn and repair it. How many people can be saved by reciting sutras over the years. Disciple Ying Shi is still hospitalized in Simeng. How will it happen? I will tell you later. The two tombs at Shitouqiao and Tuotou must be taken care of. Is Cheng Liu careful? But frequency and lifting are important. I have been seeking for a long time to return to a county in Shu. We haven't seen each other for a long time, but I just want to keep my love for him. Not announced. Shi Shuqi Shi, the master of the history academy Yeping, and Master Xu were the two great attendants. August eighteen.