"Inscribed on Hongya Mountain House" is paper, running script, 27.3cm in length and 45.5cm in width. Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

This work contains seven rhymes and three poems, which are titled "Hongya Mountain House Picture". None of them are included in Hu Yan's "Collected Works of Yi'an", so they should be outside the collection.
Hongya Mountain is located in the western mountains of Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province, with beautiful peaks and deep ravines. Hu Yan had been traveling north and south as an official since he was recommended by his hometown at the age of 24. By the 14th year of Yongle in the Ming Dynasty (1416), it had been 30 years. "Now that I am getting old, I can't help but look back on the past with emotion, look at the mountains of Hongya, and leisurely reflect on my tired return." So I combined several articles and the cabinet ministers at that time and the author was Hongya into one volume, and asked for a letter. Chen Zongyuan, a painter from Sheren, painted "Hongya Mountain House". These three poems were composed for paintings, expressing the inner yearning for returning to Hongya, cultivating mulberry trees, studying, and serving as a peaceful people. The last two sentences of the first poem, "Chen Lang's breasts are like Mojie, and the hills and valleys can be conveyed in the painting" are praises for Chen Zongyuan's superb painting skills.
The calligraphy strokes in this piece are vigorous and vigorous, with an exposed spirit and a handsome and majestic demeanor. It is a masterpiece of calligraphy written by Hu Yan when he was 56 years old.

Recalling Hongya for thirty years, the green mountains remain the same. At that time, I met Zhang Yun at the entrance of the cave, where was Fu Dian in the world. The Yin Waterfall relies on the wind and cold to make rain, while the clear mist and verdant trees create warm smoke. Chen Lang's breasts are like Mojie, and the hills and valleys can be conveyed in paintings.
Recalling Hongya for thirty years, Lin He thought leisurely in his dream. The mind wanders away from the house in the sky, riding a donkey under the tree and laughing. The wind stirs the cranes and frightens the green bamboo dew, the moon shines brightly and the ape roars the green radish smoke. When I feel the love on my pillow, I feel like I am thirsty. This meaning is difficult to convey to the common people.
Recalling Hongya for thirty years, I looked south several times with great joy. Every time the picture is displayed, the clouds are growing on the mat, and the snow is still shaking when I hold my hair. I dreamed of entering the blue stream and the full moon, and climbing the red wall with my hands to see the blue smoke. It's not my business to ask for fields and ask for help. I want to entrust poems and books to be passed down to future generations.
The inscription is "Inscribed on the first month of the spring of the 14th year of Yongle's reign in Yi'an". Seals of "Hu Ruosi", "Sanle Jushi", "Qin Qingxuan" and "Yi'an Books". There are a total of 8 seals in the collection, including "An Yi Appreciation", "Wu Yuanhui Li Quanfu's Seal of Commentary and Reading of Paintings", "Gu Song's Seal", and "Zhang Heng's Private Seal". Information comes from the website of the Palace Museum