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Zhao Mengfu, also known as Zi'ang, also known as Xuesong Taoist, also known as Crystal Palace Taoist, was a native of Huzhou (Wuxing, Zhejiang). Descendants of Qin Wang Defang, the son of Emperor Taizu of the Song Dynasty. After entering the Yuan Dynasty, he served as a scholar in the Hanlin Academy and was awarded the title of Doctor. He was granted the title of Duke of Wei and was given the posthumous title of Wenmin. He is the author of "Songxue Zhaiji".

Zhao Mengfu was an influential calligrapher in the early Yuan Dynasty. "History of the Yuan Dynasty" originally said, "Meng Fu's seal scripts, seal scripts, and official scripts are all the best in ancient and modern times, so he is famous all over the world for his books." High praise. According to Song Lian of the Ming Dynasty, Zhao's calligraphy learned from Siling (that is, Emperor Gaozong Zhao Gou of the Song Dynasty) in his early years, "Zhong Yao and Xixian" in his middle age, and Li Beihai in his later years. . In addition, he also touched the Dingding Monument of the Yuan and Wei dynasties as well as Yu Shinan, Chu Suiliang and others of the Tang Dynasty, and gathered the great achievements of the previous dynasties. As Wen Jia said: "Wei Gong imitated all the excellent calligraphers of the ancients." Therefore, Zhao's success in calligraphy is inseparable from his ability to absorb the strengths of others.