The "Tianfa God's Prophecy Stele" was built in the first year of Wu Tianxi (AD 276). It is also called the "Tianxi Commemorative Monument Stele". It was broken into three stones before the Song Dynasty, so it is also called the "Three Broken Stele". It is said to be written by Hua (He)wen, Huangxiang, and Su Jian. Because the inscription is incomplete, there is no way to verify it. It used to be in Zunjing Pavilion in Jiangning, Jiangsu Province. It was destroyed by fire in the 10th year of Jiaqing in the Qing Dynasty (1805).

The calligraphy on this stele is neither official nor seal script, and the seal script has a heavier meaning. It is majestic and strong, with a powerful edge. The strokes are mostly square in shape and the closing strokes are mostly in a pointed shape. The turning, square and circle are used together, the structure is tight at the top and loose at the bottom, the font is slender, and the image is strange and majestic. His brushwork and posture are unprecedented and unsuccessful in the history of calligraphy. It is an important material for studying the stone inscriptions of Soochow.

Since the original stele was destroyed long ago, few rubbings have been circulated. Especially the Song rubbings before the rupture are extremely precious. The rubbings selected here are the only rubbings from the Song Dynasty collected by the Palace Museum. The handwriting is clear and the ink color is mellow.


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  Qing Dynasty Weng Fanggang: Wu's "Tianxi Commemorative Monument", Yanzhou's so-called selection of mediocre and hard-working people is true. However, it is actually a seal script, so it is not necessarily said that it has eight points.
  Qing Dynasty Zhang Shuwei: Wu's "Tianxi Commemorative Monument" has majestic changes, calm and joyful, like breaking an ancient knife or breaking an ancient hairpin. It is an indispensable and indispensable masterpiece since the Han Dynasty.
  Kang Youwei of the Qing Dynasty: "Sangongshan Stele" and "Shiwu Stele" were both changed from seal script to official script, with more seal script and less official script. Wu's "Tianfa Shen Prophecy" still has this style. ("Guangyi Zhou Shuangji")
  Kang Youwei of the Qing Dynasty: There are four Wu steles, and his "Tianfa Shen Prophecy" is so majestic that it astonishes the world. ("Guangyi Zhou Shuangji")