"Fan Shiqing Stele", also known as "Fan Shiqing Stele", the full name is "The Stele of the Former Lujiang Prefect Fan Fujun", an inscription in the official script of Cao and Wei in the Three Kingdoms. In the third year of Qinglong (235), he was established in Rencheng (now Jining, Shandong). Lost for a long time. It was unearthed again in the 54th year of Qianlong's reign in the Qing Dynasty (1789), with only the upper half remaining. "Jin Shi Cui Bian" records: The stone is three feet high and three feet and one inch wide. The article has a total of twelve lines and about fifteen or six characters. Only three hundred and thirty crosses can be discerned.

"Essays on Supplementing the School Stele" records: "The Song Dynasty rubbings from the old collection of Huang Xiaosong are kept in the Palace Museum in Beijing. The rubbings are exquisite and heavy, and the rubbings after the discovery are about 200 characters." , "Han Ren Stele", it is known as "Zhonglang's Legacy". The "Han Li Zi Yuan" also attributed it to Cai Yong's calligraphy, and Li Sizhen's "Shupin" said: "Of all Cai Gong's styles, "Fan Shiqing's Stele" is the most elegant and gorgeous, and it has been praised in ancient and modern times." However, "Li Shi" slandered it and thought it was Zao Zao. After learning the fallacy, he determined that it was established in the third year of Qinglong and was not written by Yong. There are no inscriptions by Li Dongqi, Huang Yi and others in the initial rubbings.

Li Sizhen of the Tang Dynasty: Among all the styles of Cai Gong, the Fan Juqing stele is the most beautiful and magnificent, unparalleled in ancient and modern times. ("Back of the Book")
Qing Weng Fang Gang: This stele is powerful, mellow, restrained, and full of energy. It is actually higher than Huang Xiang and Liang Hu in the late Han Dynasty. His eyes are the first in Cai style. Li Sizhen learned Cai Shu. There must be many, which is a lesson from this compromise. ("Episodes of the Two Han Dynasties")
Kang Youwei of the Qing Dynasty: As for Lifa, the body and energy are more beneficial; Huayan has "Yin Zhou", "Fan Min", and "Shi Shi". ("Guangyi Zhou Shuangji")