"Auntie's Note" in running script, on paper, now in the Liaoning Provincial Museum. One of the "Tang Dynasty Copy of Long Live Tongtian Tie". There are many breaks and pauses between the words. Except for the word "Naihe" which is linked up and down, the rest of the words are independent. The strokes are dignified and sincere, and the mood of "sorrow is devastated and the emotion is overwhelming" is revealed.

Interpretation: The tenth generation of the minister read the book from his uncle Jin Youche General Xizhi
On November 13th, Xizhidun first
obeisance. Qingyu
My aunt is sad, my grief is devastating, my love is
If you don’t win, there’s nothing you can do! Because of the tragedy
Stuffed, no less. Wang Xizhi's first meal