Volume "Preface to Orchid Pavilion by Yu", Tang Dynasty, copied by Yu Shinan, paper, running script, 24.8cm in length and 57.7cm in width.


   This paper is made of white linen paper and dates back to the Tang Dynasty. Some characters have obvious traces of hook strokes, so it must be a Tang Dynasty copy. Until the Ming Dynasty, this volume was always considered to be a copy of Chu Suiliang. Later Dong Qichang thought in the inscription and postscript that "it seems like Yongxing (Yu Shinan) came", and later generations changed it to be called a copy of Yu Shinan. In the Qing Dynasty, Liang Qingbiao also inscribed the first volume of the volume "Tang Yu Shinan came to Huate" ". Because the volume contains the seal of the Yuan Dynasty Tianli Neifu, it is also called the "Tianli Edition".
  This volume is spliced ​​with two pieces of paper, each with 14 lines, arranged loosely and evenly, close to the stone inscription "Dingwu Ben". However, the stippling is similar to Chu Suiliang's copy. The stippling is more rounded and less sharp. The ink color of the outline is light and the breath is ancient. According to textual research, this copy must be an ancient copy copied over and over again in the Tang Dynasty.
   The volume contains 17 inscriptions, postscripts and inscriptions from various writers in the Song, Ming and Qing dynasties, 104 seals and 5 half seals. Among them, the Zhuwen seal of the "Treasure of the Celestial Calendar" of the Yuan Dynasty on the front piece of paper, and the line in small regular script "Chen Zhang Jin Jie Nu Shang Jin" on the back piece of paper are both authentic. The imperial seal of the Song Dynasty on the back of the seal, as well as the inscriptions of Wei Chang and Yang Yi of the Song Dynasty on the first tail paper and the postscript of Song Lian of the early Ming Dynasty are all later additions. The Ming Dynasty's inscriptions, postscripts and inscriptions on the subsequent paper are all authentic.
   This volume was collected by Emperor Gaozong's Neifu of the Southern Song Dynasty, Tianli Neifu of the Yuan Dynasty, Yang Shishu, Wu Zhi, Dong Qichang, Mao Zhisheng, Yang Wan, Feng Quan of the Ming Dynasty, Qingbiao, Anqi, and Qianlong Neifu of the Qing Dynasty. It has been recorded in Dong Qichang's "Essays on Painting Zen Rooms" in the Ming Dynasty, Zhang Chou's "Real Records of Authentic Works", "Nanyang Dharma Book List", Wang Diyu's "Coral Net Book Records", Wu Sheng's "Daguan Lu" in the Qing Dynasty, An Qi's "Dark Green View", Ruan Yuan's "Shiqu Essays" and "Shiqu Baoji·Sequel" and other books. In the Qing Dynasty, the "Eight Pillars of Orchid Pavilion" were engraved and ranked first.
(Writer: Shan Guoqiang)