Wen Zhengming's cursive "Huguang Pi Su Poetry Volume" on paper, 20.9 cm in length and 11 cm in width. The book was written in the eighth year of Jiajing reign of Emperor Shizong (1529), when he was 60 years old. Wen Zhengming's cursive calligraphers Fa Huaisu and Huang Tingjian were able to retain their appearance and capture their spirit. The cursive script in this volume is vigorous and powerful, and the structure is unrestrained and relaxed. The whole work echoes up and down, left and right, and is connected with blood and spirit. It is a rare and excellent work.

 Huguang Phi Su Lian. The wild color is filled with smoke. When it rains, the trees are like trees. Thousands of forest flowers are about to burn. The monk returned to Bailian Society. Man-carrying Mulan boat (same as [ship]). Recreation requires early spring. There are cuckoos on the top of the mountain. The rain has begun to fall in Li Ze. Take a boat along the stream. Pu Qiongtian suddenly showed up. The sun rises and the water flows. Walking through Taowu gracefully. See Orange Island all over the place. There are hundreds of stacks of green floating on the surface. It's like being in a mirror. Jiajing Ji Chou spring is over. The book is in Tingyun Hall. Zheng Ming.