Huang Tingjian wrote "Three Poems of Du Fu" in cursive script, namely "Xijiao Poems", "Farewell to Li Yi's Poems" and "Qinzhou Miscellaneous Poems". Judging from the size of the rubbings of "Yugu Tai Fa Tie", the original work of "Du Fu Farewell and Li Yi's Poems in Valley Cursive Script" in Valley Cursive Script should be a scroll about 2.6 meters long. At present, about one-third of the original scroll remains. This work has a different kind of interest than other works. Most of its knotted characters are in the horizontal style of official script, but its writing style is flying, like flowing water and clouds, which is a scene of "browsing away from the clouds". It is one of the so-called "Kuizhou works". The original poem is an ancient five-character poem with twenty-three rhymes and two hundred and thirty characters, but now only the five-character rubbings remain, which contain fifteen lines and ninety-two characters.