"To Monk Zhongfeng", written by Guangsheng in Yuan Dynasty. Paper. Running script. Every thirty-three lines. The number of words per line varies. A total of five hundred and thirteen words. 31.7×72.9cm. This is the third volume of "Records of Paintings and Calligraphy in the Forbidden City". Collection of the National Palace Museum, Taipei. Published in Taiwan's "Complete Collection of Forbidden City Dharma Books of the Past Dynasties" (15).

   Duan Sheng (1262-1319), courtesy name Zhongji and Yaoji, was a native of Huating (now Qingpu, Shanghai), also said to be a native of Maoshan, Deqing (now Maoshan Village, Qianshan Town), a famous female calligrapher, painter, and poet in the Yuan Dynasty Creator.

   Guansheng was intelligent since childhood, good at poetry and painting. She married Zhao Mengfu and was granted the title of Mrs. Wei in the fourth year of Yanyou in the Yuan Dynasty (1317). In his later years, Zhao Mengfu was promoted to Hanlin Bachelor Chengzhi and Honorary Doctor. His official position was from the first rank, and he was highly respected by both the government and the public. However, Zhao Mengfu entered the Yuan Dynasty as an official as a descendant of the Song Dynasty. However, Zhao Mengfu was still manipulated and could not realize his ambitions. He was often depressed because of his own shame. Therefore, I concentrated on calligraphy and painting to entertain myself.

Duan was promoted to prime minister, husband and son, passed down the art of painting and calligraphy, and cultivated future generations. The "Zhao family" has been famous for generations, and seven great painters have been produced in three generations. Zhao Yong, Zhao Lin and Zhao Yanzheng were famous for a while. Wang Meng had a grandmother who had been exposed to the disease since he was a child and was blessed by nature.

His calligraphy is in regular script and his style is similar to that of Zhao Mengfu. Author of 1 volume of "Mozhupu". The handed down works include "Water Bamboo Picture Scroll" (collected in the Palace Museum), "Autumn Deep Tie", "Mountain Tower Embroidered Buddha Picture", "Changming Temple Picture" and so on.