The inscription on this volume is "After having a drink with the beneficiary man in Guantang, Huzhou, I felt drunk. I wrote this volume as a source of laughter for the future. Meng Fu". The "beneficiary" was named Zhang Qian. Around the first year of Dade, he served as an official in charge of the provincial inspection of Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces. "Guantang" is a place for practice in Buddhist temples. According to Zhao's "Reconstruction of the Guantang", the Guantang in Huzhou was first built during the Jiatai period of the Southern Song Dynasty. During the Song Dynasty, the wood was destroyed and severely damaged. It was renovated in the 21st year of Yuan Dynasty, which lasted ten years. Zhao Wen wrote it in September of the first year of Dade (1297), and this volume should also be written at this time. The volume does not include the postscripts of Bian Rong, Wang Shizhen, Dong Qichang, Wen Zhenmeng, Chen Jiru of the Ming Dynasty, and Ying He and Yongxuan of the Qing Dynasty.

    This post is made out of the joy of getting together with friends and having a good drink. The paper is smooth and translucent, and when written by hand, the writing is smooth and full of energy. In terms of style, there are many styles of calligraphy from Yan (Zhenqing) and Mi (Fu), which are extremely rare in Zhao's calligraphy. Appraisal and collection seals: Seals of Wang Shizhen, Yinghe and others. Recorded in the past dynasties: "Xin Chou's Sales of Xia", "San Yu Tang Calligraphy and Painting List", "Coral Outline", "Guoyunlou Calligraphy and Painting Continuation".

Zhao Mengfu's "Two Hymns and Two Poems in Running Script" 27×456.3cm Collection of the Palace Museum, Beijing

Taihu Stone
Yiquan stone, come to Zhenze. Wild and ancient. Xuan Yunxing, as dark as ink. If you brave the wilderness, it will rain on all things. The volume of the arms is not enough.
Xiao Zizhong is really great
Zongzong Xiaozi is a family friend of mine. There is something similar, Germany sound hole glue. In the midst of the blockage (click on this word), the palace is whistling and singing. People who live in harmony with each other can share the same wind.
Inscribed on the bank of Dong Yuan River
The stone forest is so green, with oil clouds coming out from under it. The mountains are high and the sun is blocked. It's gloomy and rainy. In the valley of the graceful stream, I met Zhouxu. The dim apes live again, and the wild geese gather in the desert. Whose son is living in seclusion in the waves? Who is playing with the fragrant grass? As a result, long rumors were spread, and the sound of business moved Lin Mang.
Inscribed Horse Washing Picture
Who can control the gnats and chariots? Why bother to care about the harpoons? The green silk ribbons on the head are covered with brocade and mud, and the whips are empty and complain about the long road. I write yellow poems in Mingchuang Opera, and I feel angry when I come back from cleansing. There is no need to complain about this. The man has been walking a lot since the past.
Huzhou Guantang and the beneficiary had a drink, and they felt drunk. This volume of playbook is a source of laughter for others in the future. Meng